原创 2017-12-05 加勒崔 新纪元扬升之光

Galatril Monday, December 4th, 2017Channel: Ann Dahlberg




I amGalatril and I am now on Atlantis, the Atlantis that has been built up inBrazil. We have received good help from our brothers and sisters in Lemuria andTelos. They have been teachers and mentors since our Atlantis went down manythousands of years ago. Now we live in a beautiful and loving place. We havespecial crystals that have a great healing ability and that can cleanse theEarth and all those who want to use them. They can only take on one intentionat a time and they can only be used for good purposes. All of you who werestruck by the fall of Atlantis can heal yourselves with the help of thesecrystals. Just ask us for help and we will help you. We are in service to bothEarth and humanity today and we do what we can to clear our karma and help themwith trauma from Atlantis so that they can become whole again. There are manyEarth today that still carry this trauma with them and who let it reappearagain now and then, but at a smaller scale. They are hit by accidents andproblems and they do not understand why they need to be targeted. This can bethe explanation. They have not resolved the trauma from the terrible thatstruck at Atlantis. You can do it now with the help of this crystal or with helpfrom us or your guides.


We offerour services so gladly and we love you so much. We are a part of this togetherand Atlantis is now rebuilt with only good crystals and with much love in ourhearts. We wish that you could see this so that you would have peace and calmin your hearts in the knowledge that the land that you once loved manythousands of years ago and which then was a beautiful land again is built upwith the same energy of love.






I wishthat you would want to come and visit this land in your dreams so that you cansee for yourselves how beautiful it is and how lovingly all that live hereconduct their lives. Yes, it has taken time. It has taken time for the light tobrighten up our hearts, but now it shines clearly and preciously and we promiseyou that you will receive a warm and loving reception. We have much to sharewith you and we have much to show you. We can help you to solve your trauma –we have resources for this now, in particular with this unusual crystal thatexists here in Atlantis and Brazil. We long so much to meet you. We are a partof you and you are a part of us. I hope that you listen to our wish and that wesoon can get to see you and show you our beautiful Atlantis.


There ismuch that can be said, but this will be enough for this time and I am hopingfor a meeting where we can have the opportunity to tell you our whole story.


Mythoughts and my love is with you all the time.














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