Dear Companions,




I feel compelled to comment on the current situation. Much despair and frustration has entered into the writings on a number of blogs. Even judgment or threats are intimated. This is not good for our community and there is really no need for it.




What is at stake here is whether we are strong in our belief and trust in those in charge. Those in charge are ultimately the Galactics, Our Ascended Masters and Heaven. Elders are human and can of course fail, but probably will not. Those really in charge will absolutely not fail and we can trust in this.




We have been told by multiple sources, channeled and non-channeled, that ar·rests need to happen first, before RV, followed by GCR and NESARA/GESARA – in this order. This order has not changed.


我们被许多的源头,通灵和非通灵的信息告知,逮捕需要先发生,在货币重估( RV )之前,其次是金融重置( GCR )以及 NESARA/GESARA--- 如此的顺序。这个顺序没有改变


We should take heart in the fact that the numbers of sealed indictments are over 4000 and projected to be over 5000 soon. My view is that we need over 10 000 before we get to the threshold level. However, the numbers are increasing fast. We might very well be at 10 000 by the end of the year or sooner.


我们应该振作起来,密封的控告数量会超越 4000 ,预计超过 5000 。我的观点是我们需要超过 10000 ,在我们到达临界值之前。但,数量在迅速增加。在年尾或很快我们可能就会到达 10000


Yes, I understand that some people need RV now and demand it now. I would say that what we are experiencing and going through is a divine lesson in patience, which will benefit our spiritual growth on our way to ascension in this life or if we pass over in the next life. We should have learned by now from all the pump fakes that no given date can be treated with confidence or be trusted. I would like to postulate that all responsible for pump fakes work for the cabal. The Intel they provide is Intel that also the ca·bal would have access to and they marry this Intel with raising expectations regarding dates, which do not materialize. It is an effective way to grind down us lightworkers. Our numbers have diminished.


是的,我明白一些人现在急需货币重估( RV )。我想说我们会经历和体验的是一个神圣的耐心课程,会利于我们的精神成长,在我们此生的扬升道路上或者下一生。现在我们应该从所有假动作中学会了没有特定的日期可以用信任和信心对待。我想说所有为假动作负责的人都为陰谋集团工作。他们所提供的信息是谋集团能够访问的,他们赋予信息日期,但不会实现,用来提高期望。这是一个有效的方法来折磨我们光之工作者。我们的数量因此减少


A agree that Jared Rand recently sounded convincing and confident. His Intel on timing was off – pump fake. However, having listened to his five hours second conference call I could also detect some lack of knowledge and his perspective seemed to come close to that of the cabal and Annunaki. For instance he claimed that the fourth water planet, which was obliterated in a galactic war had many names. He mentioned Tiamat as one of those names, which he said he preferred. All light sources refer to this planet as Maldek and it does NOT have many names. Yes, it was destroyed and is now the asteroid belt. However, Tiamat is the proto-Earth according to Annunaki creation mythology written down in the stone tablets in cuneiform. These were translated and published by Zecharia Sitchin. Tiamat was the original proto-Earth and it was attacked by Nibiru and lost roughly one third of its mass and then become Earth. This is so according to Annunaki history description and creation myth and is not true history. Maldek will be terra-formed and take the name Pax.


我同意, Jared Rand 最近听起来很可信和自信。他对时间的信息不准 --- 假动作。但,聆听了他五个小时的第二次电话访问,我可以察觉到一些知识的缺乏,他的观点看似接近谋集团和阿努纳奇。比如,他声称第四个水星球,在银河战争中消失,有着许多的名称。他说提亚马特( Tiamat )是其中一个名字,他说他更喜欢这个名称。所有光的源头喜欢马尔戴克,它并没有很多名称。是的,它被摧毁,现在是小行星带。但,提亚马特是最初的地球,根据写在石碑上的,用楔形文字书写的阿努纳奇造物神话。这些被 Zecharia Sitchin 转译和发表。提亚马特是最初的地球,它被尼比魯攻击,失去了大概三分之一的质量,然后成为了地球。这是根据阿努纳奇历史所描述和造物神话,并不是真正的历史。马尔戴克会进行行星改造,命名为 Pax


Jared mentioned further that the Illum·inati had a plan to reduce the Earth population by 90%. Well, this is well known and not disputed. However, he seemed to agree that people needed to leave Earth and move to other planets because we are too many for Earth. This is not according to God’s plan. Some of us will want to move to other planets, but not because Earth cannot sustain the population. With the right technologies we will no longer ravage the Earth and there is plenty of space. However, according to God’s plan we will move to inner Earth. Most planets’ populations reside on the inside, which is hollow.


Jared 还提到了光明会减少 90% 人口的计划。这是众所周知的,并不受争议的。但,他看似同意人们需要离开地球,前往其他的星球,因为我们数量太多了。这并不是根据神的计划。我们一些人会想要前往其他的星球,但不是因为地球无法支持人口。伴随着正确的技术,我们不再破坏地球,有着足够的空间。但,根据神的计划,我们会前往内部地球。大多数人会居住在内部,中空的


Here again Jared seemed to have a vague idea of the nature of Agartha or Inner Earth. He said the people on the inside, the Agarthians, do not live in the middle, but in hollow structures underground – sounds more like the dark’s underground bases.


再次 Jared 似乎有一个模糊的理念,关于阿加森或内部地球的本质。他说地球内部的人,阿加森,并不住在中心,而是在中空的地下结构中 --- 听起来像是黑暗的地下基地


This is far from recognizing that a whole world exists inside the hollow Earth, where the Agarthian’s live in great numbers and have constructed healing chambers for us when we enter hollow Earth.




Observations such as these make me think that we should not take it for a given that he was/is what he claimed to be. Anybody who engages in fake pumps is highly suspect.




At this point in time I believe we should view polit·ical developments and disc·losures as very positive, where Trump is leading the charge against the cabal. He has been wilified by many and of course in the mass media. While not a perfect individual he appears to be doing a good job as far as what he is supposed to be doing – for instance getting the JFK files released.


在这个点,我相信我们应该视政治发展和揭露为非常积极的,川普在领导对抗谋集团的控告。他被许多人支持,当然在大众媒体中。虽然看似不是一个完美的人但做着一个良好的工作 --- 比如释放 JFK 的文件


We have all reasons to be optimistic regarding the fall of the ca·bal being imminent. As AA Michael said in a channeled message – This does not necessarily mean this week or next week. However, everything is surely pointing in this direction.


我们有理由变得积极,关于陰谋集团的陨落迫在眉睫。正如大天使麦克所说 --- 这并不意味着在这周或下周。但,一切都明确地指向这个方向


We do not want our ranks to dwindle further, no pun intended, so keep the spirit up. It is getting done. We also have to humbly admit that we will never be given the full Intel pre-RV and we simply do not know all the factors going into the decision making for pushing the Green Light button.




In Light and Love,




Per Staffan


Per Staffan1128日《没有理由绝望---恰恰相反》

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