God said:




The Truth of you is love. Anything that is not the Truth of you is less. You are an unlimited Being of Truth. Limits you set upon yourself or others are not true. They are false. When you sell yourself short, you are being untrue to yourself. You are being false to yourself. You betray the Truth of yourself. When you set limits upon others, you are betraying their Truth.




If you say you are hopeless or incapable, you are telling lies about yourself.




We are talking about yourself and your dreams and desires. If others set their dreams for you before you, it may be you cannot do as they dream. The same action, were it your own desire, you could do it.




So, rather than ability, We are talking about motivation. Most likely, when you say you can’t do something, you are lacking motivation, not ability. We are talking about inner motivation, motivation at its source. If you have an inner motivation to be able to sing and to sing beautifully, what is there to stop you? On the other hand, if you desire to be the foremost opera singer in the world, well, that may be an outer motivation, and, of course, only one person at a time can achieve that. An inner motivation more likely is one that many people can have and fulfill. There are many choruses that sing well. An inner motivation would be to desire to excel singing opera and not necessarily be the diva. Do you see the difference?




When it is truly your deep desire to sing beautifully, what is to stop you? When it is a passing fancy, you will give up on it. That’s okay. It is not that you have to desire to be someone who sings beautifully. It is perfectly all right to want to sing beautifully, and yet not desire it enough to make it happen. The desire lasted only a while. That’s not a fault, beloveds.




Sometimes your desires change, just as when you were a young child, you wanted a particular doll or you wanted a toy fire engine, and then later you desired something else. It’s okay to leave desires behind.




Sometimes you looked to the world or someone in it for approval, and they didn’t have it to give, and you became aimless. Yet, within you, there are desires wanting to bloom. Even when you have what you think of as a silly desire or a far-fetched desire, let your imagination run with it. Give it a chance. See where it will take you.




Let Us abolish the words can’t, cannot, unable, incapable, inadequate, etc. Let Us abolish them once and for all. Abolish even “It seems I can’t.” Abolish, “I wish I could,” for if you truly wish, you would. Speak with words of strength. Reasons why not are excuses, and excuses are lazy. There is only one reason, and that is you don’t want to enough. It is okay to acknowledge that.




When you are in your Truth of love, an evenness of joy accompanies you. This doesn’t mean overjoyed, beloveds. More like a quiet state of neutrality that doesn’t even think about itself. Like love, it is there. It may be quiet, yet it has not been hushed.




Love and joy, even muted, form a beautiful partnership in your life. Hand in hand, they walk down the lane of your life. Love and joy pull you ever higher, and they pull the whole world with you. They make you a leader of the world. You lead in love and joy and your ability to go past all the limits that past history imposed on you.




通灵:Erena Velazquez

翻译:Nick Chan





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