Do you have a deep need of labels in order to feel secure? We often see this in relationships but it can occur in many other areas of lifeas well.Most people use labels as a way of controlling thingsas a way of constraining energy and looking for predictability.But the more you identify with a labelthe more you might be limiting yourselfinstead.



You see this often in couples.They quickly cycle through labelsfrom datingto being exclusiveto being engagedto being married.And have you ever noticed that many peopleonce they make it to the promised land of marriage seem to fall into a rut? They see marriage as the pinnacleand think there is nowhere else to go from there.




Energy cannot be restrained.If you can see yourselves as energetic beings that are on the planet to grow and evolveyou can see how harmful and uncomfortable it would be to try to constrain it.Ironicallyif you reach a point where the growth and expansion has stoppedthere will be no energetic support to the activity.So the label that you have sought to secure a relationshipshould it start to stall the growth of one or both people in the unionwill be the very thing that will make your relationship fall apart.



What if marriage was looked at as a new energetic platform to grow and evolve from? What if your labels started to be usedrather than a means to controlbut as a starting point to expand from? What possibilities and potentials might you find if you always allowed and encouraged the unfoldment and self expression of all things? How much greater would your life be if you celebrated and embraced the continual evolution your soul seeks?




We urge you to start to see how you might be attempting to limit yourselvesothersand your experiences and creations with these old habits of control.Letting go of those outmoded ways might be the very thing you need to do to start to redefine yourselfand your lifein the most marvellous and expansive ways.~Archangel Gabriel





 翻译:Nick Chan



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