great ones,




the grand golden age of light is about to dawn on planet earth!




at exactly 11:11 utc, two earth days ago, the earth's magnetic field totally collapsed for approximately 2 minutes due to an incredibly powerful wave of galactic energy that slammed into the earth, early.


两个地球日前的 11:11 utc ,地球的磁场完全崩溃了大约有 2 分钟的时间,出于一个令人难以置信强大的银河能量波撞击地球


this same incident occurred again yesterday and inside global space intel indicates the 3d magnetic field around earth has weakened to a point now to where it can no longer withstand the powerful inbound barrage of cosmic waves, of exotic particles!


相同的情况昨天再次发生,全球航天局内部表明,地球周围的 3D 磁场削弱到了无法再抵挡强大的宇宙波、外来粒子连番轰炸的点


earth's magnetic field is now breached for the first time in human history as the largest influx of 5d-central-sun-gamma-light ever recorded has penetrated into earth's lower atmosphere!


地球的磁场在人类历史上首次出现了缺口,随着有史以来最大的 5D 中央太阳伽玛之光渗入地球的下层大气


cosmic energy power levels above 100 tev have reached earth for the first time, including a remarkable photonic wave with an energy level of almost 500 tev!


功率超越 100 tev 的宇宙能量首次到达地球,其中包含一个非凡的光子波浪,有着几乎 500 tev 的能量水平


these powerful 5d plasma waves are being deflected to earth by benevolent light forces and the earth alliance reports that these 5d cosmic energy waves will continue through the next 4 earth days and shall build to a great light apex!


这些强大的 5D 等离子波浪被仁慈的光之力量转向地球,地球联盟报告,这些 5D 宇宙能量波会在接下来的 4 天继续进入,会建立一个巨大的光之高潮


it's important to understand here great ones this is not a negative event but in fact, is glorious news!




first of all, everything that is transpiring in the space around earth and on the surface now is being intelligently guided by benevolent forces of light!




there never was an accident in any universe great one, as all things including natural events are intelligently initiated and guided with great intent!




secondly, the earth's physical magnetic field is an artificial, 3d vibrational field and it is what represents the old 3d control matrix that has kept higher vibrations of consciousness from entering the planet for the last 350,000 years!


其次,地球的物理磁场是一个人造的 3D 振动场域,它代表着旧的 3D 控制矩阵,阻止更高振动的意识进入地球,在过去的 350000 年以来


light forces have been blasting the hell out of this artifical 3d, chimera block for months now by deflecting bursts of solar and central sun light rays using andara crystal technology aboard their massive craft!


几个月以来,光之力量通过使用他们巨大飞船上的安达拉水晶技术偏转太阳的爆发和中央太阳的光线疯狂轰炸这个人造的 3D 嵌合体障碍物


the great light beings who are here with is now, assisting in humanity's spiritual evolution have almost completely dissolved this artifical energy barrier surrounding the earth, so cosmic rays are able to once again, fully enter the planet's atmosphere, unimpeded, for the purpose of healing every being here and for upgrading the 10 inactive dna strands in all human body vessels here!


正在这里与我们同在的伟大的光之存有,来协助人类的精神进化,几乎已经完全溶解地球周围的这个人造的能量栏栅,这样宇宙射线可以再次,完全进入地球的大气层,畅通无阻地,以便疗愈每一个存在以及升级人类器具中 10 条不活跃的 DNA


millions of massive crafts, in earth's solar system, have now been detected by earth's solar observatories, using advanced crystal-light technology to deflect and stream 5d central sun gamma light into the matrix that surrounds the earth!


在地球太阳系中的成千上万的飞船,已被地球的太阳观测站侦察到,正使用先进的水晶之光技术把 5D 中央太阳伽玛之光转向地球周围的矩阵


this crystal technology is not only futuristic but ancient in origin, dating back to the advanced races of the lemurians and atlanteans that once flourished on the earth in the days of paradise!




this same crystal technology has been passed down through the ages and is still in use today, powering and operating every piece of technology that exists in this modern world!




there is a sort of magic that is happening in every computer and phone and tv and device that humans use today!




the magical things that a crystal chip in a computer can do now is just amazing but pales in comparison to the natural, ancient use of these amazing energy devices!




the great higher beings from ancient days who are here with us now have been reminding us about the magical and powerful abilities of these crystals!




as part of our mission to heal the beings of earth and to give them the gest tools to quickly boost their spiritual evolution, we have been tasked with the mission of re-acquainting starseeds with their knowledge and skil in using this ancient advanced andara crystal technology!


我们使命的一部分就是疗愈地球上的存在,给予他们伟大的工具来快速促进他们的精神进化,我们一直肩负着让星际种子重新熟悉他们的知识以及使用这个古老 / 先进的安达拉水晶技术的能力这一使命。


5d-rainbow, gamma light has come into this world and it has lifted the earth up to heaven!


5D 彩虹、伽玛之光已经进入这个世界,已经将地球提升到天堂


we have shifted great ones!




we are in a new place now on earth, existing in a new lighter, more beautiful etheric space!




we not only feel and notice it but we now have fully confirmed it from direct communications with inside benevolent light forces known as the earth alliance, working behind the scenes and stationed on the surface!




take your focus off of 3d, great one, just for a moment and come up higher great one!


伟大的一们,将你的注意力从 3D 中转移,哪怕只是一会儿,走向更高,伟大的一们


look around from this higher point of view and you shall see what we see!




there is a multitude of clear physical signs, everywhere, that show this planet and the beings who dwell here are undergoing a grand evolutionary shift!




the starseeds stationed here, of course, will notice these shifts first before unconscious humans, but know that at the end of this grand mission, every being on planet earth will be lifted up higher, be healed and be set free from their bondages!




dear ones,




further inside earth alliance chatter indicates that an even greater light event will transpire in the skies and on the surface of the earth in the coming days!




this great light event is known as the grand solar flash and is the amount of light required to instantaneously flip the dimension around earth up to the 5d level! this flip has been called a magnetic pole flip!


这个巨大的光之事件被知晓为宏伟的太阳闪耀,就是所需的光之量级瞬间将地球周围的维度翻转到 5D 水平!这个翻转被称为磁极翻转


in ancient days, the earth was a paradise called eden and the light of god and heaven was always present in this beautiful place!




there was not sickness then, no death, nothing negative, and a being in a physical body were immortal!




dark forces conceived,in those days, to block out the light of god that shined on the earth and the 3d matrix of duality began!


在那些日子,黑暗力量被构思,来阻挡在地球上闪耀的神之光,二元性的 3D 矩阵就开始了


it was the long, long dark night of the soul!




your soul was trapped here for melinnia, reincarnating over and over as your energy has been harvested by those fallen ones!




your being is eternal, you are very strong and ultimately you have great power over the darkness, so you persevered, great one, unto this very day!




as the earth alliance reported two months ago, 'operation freedom earth' was initiated to liberate the planet and the beings who dwell here from the controlling dark forces who invaded this paradise eons ago!




pleiadian 'operation freedom earth' is about personal sovereignty for every light being stationed on this planet!




an epoch in human evolution is taking place right now dear ones where a move to personal sovereignty is starting to take place on a mass collective level!




sovereignty is about realizing who and what you truly are and to start being this!




sovereign beings take responsibility for their own lives and take control of themselves in every way!




100% sovereignty means you are no less than what you are calling god and when you start to be this, you no longer depend on anyone or anything, but yourself!


100% 主权意味着你不比你称为的神要差,当你开始去成为这些,你不再依赖于任何人或任何东西,只有你自己!


you stop asking for permission to do things that you have a natural right to do in the first place!




when you decide to become sovereign you become fully aligned with the highest divinity!




at this point in one's spiritual evolution, one begins to be the highest and grandest version of themselves and they begin to live out of their higher heart completely!




to be sovereign is to be divine and is to be love!




the great books say the highest teaching is to love god with all of your being first, then love all others the same, however, we ask, "who is this great being you are supposed to be so in love with?"




our teaching is the same but it is more clear: "love yourself with all of your being first, then love all others the same!"




this self love is means you have a healthy self respect and this has nothing to do with a "service to self-ego!", this is a different matter entirely!




a sovereign being does not depend on anyone for anything and does what he or she desires!


一个主权的存在并不依赖于任何人、任何东西,会去做他 / 她渴望的一切


sovereign beings to not require authority figures, controllers, manipulators, gods, and does not need a leader!this includes exercising the the natural right to travel outside your house 50 feet or to travel across the planet!


主权存在不需要权威人物:掌管者、操纵者、神,不需要领袖!这包括行使自然的权利到房子外 50 英尺或半个地球外的地方旅行


these natural rights do not require any permit (permission) or license to do anything!




again we ask, "why would you need permission to do something that you have an inherit, natural right to already do?




sovereign beings do not harm to anyone or anything and they lead themselves and govern themselves accordingly in with noble character and integrity!




the new freedom that is about to break out on this planet will honor sovereign, responsible, beings first and foremost!




now as angelic messengers that have come to speak grand words to you.




we herald this great message to all of you:




the light of god and the christ light has returned to the earth, beautiful ones!




the grand day has arrived, great one as this blinding of 5d-heaven is piercing thru the clouds to shine on the glorious new earth!


宏伟的日子已经到来,伟大的一们,随着这个令人炫目的 5D 天堂刺穿云层照亮宏伟的新地球


the meek and the humble and the peaceful have inherited the earth great one and this shall be your kingdom forever and ever and you shall guide in in great glory and wisdom and love!




on the new earth we shall take our place for the first time as galactic citizens!




we shall live in peace and great abundance forever!




the sick will be well again!




the old will be made young!




wars will end!




the hungry shall be fed!




those who where blind will see with new eyes!




the prisoners of earth will have new hearts of love and be set free forever and all broken hearts will be healed!




as the guardians of humanity and the earth, we came to remind you about how wonderful and amazing you truly are!




you are not some little being with no power who is forgotten, by no means we say you are celestial royalty and you shall once again receive the honor that you deserve!




take a moment and reflect here on what you have done great one! you have overcome the whole world to get to this point!




you have faced the hardest challenges in the universe, and on earth and yet, behold, you are still standing here strong and ok, even better than ok!




you are an amazing being of light, who is among the strongest and bravest in ths cosmos!




you were chosen great one to come to earth at this time on this ascension mission to ensure that enough light could be anchored to the planet!




without you there would be no light here so we applaud you and kneel in great honor to who you are and for what you have sacrificed and accomplished!




you came here to guide humanity in this new and beautiful heaven on earth!




we are sorry you had to suffer dear one, but in this, your heart was opened greatly, so the light of god and pure love could enter in and transform you forever into your divinity!




to whom that much is required, much is expected!




you had the greatest challenges because you asked for the greatest reward!




do you see now how it all has worked?




all things have worked together for your good!




well done good and faithful one, now you may enter into your kingdom of heaven on new earth!




tonight all around the globe, starseeds are whispering words of freedom!




freedom from all the limitations and bondages that have held back everyone on this planet for eons!




a blinding light as come to the earth and an even greater light is coming right behind it great one!




this is the light of a new day and a new beginning for the citizens of earth!




it is the new earth, that light beings have worked so hard, for so long to bring forth and just over the horizon, we see it coming fast!




chatter is a heightened level this nite as we move forward towards the american celebration of independence day!




independence and freedom this earth year is not just for america but for all the children of light scatted in every country across the globe!




we are the great family of light, we are connected and we are strong!




we communicate with each other through the ether and we stick together working for a common goal for a better world here!




tonite great one, light forces, delta security systems are elevated to code red status, in preparation for the greatest freedom event in the known universe!




dear ones, are you aware of the fact that earth is no longer in the same realm?"




can you feel the amazing energy coming in and do you notice the dimensional changes in the atmosphere around planet earth?




freedom is in the air tonite great one and the spirits of the children of earth are starting to soar free for the first time in modern history!




great hope and excitement is starting to build inside all of us and this monumentous time has finally come!




all the great beings from around the universe have now moved into our quadrant of the galaxy to take after the news of the event is announced to the citizens of earth and after this amazing freedom event is fully realized, accepted and integrated, a grand celebration will take place across the planet!





operation freedom earth now moves into its final phase!




further intel reports from the earth alliance says that,in a move towards planetary liberation, earth alliance members recently initiated a global peace initiative which is already in progress and was set forth by light forces to stop all international wars on the planet!




this initiative will also terminate smaller conflicts on the planet as well soon!




angelic light forces have descended to earth with the great light of the central sun in their hands and are about to liberate planet earth dear ones!




we are here confirming and speaking to you what we have heard and witnessed:




the grand event will now be fully triggered and a blinding light that the earth has never seen is coming just over the horizon!




standby for super awesomeness as freedom comes to planet earth for the first time in modern history, dear one!




...when the light came into this world, the darkness saw it but could not comprehend it so it fled away...




the light has come into this world dear one, and the darkness will never be able to overcome this great light!




you are the light of the world, shine your light now, for all to see!




well done!









通灵:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan





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