the great awakening of planet earth has moved into high gear over the last two days, due to the massive amount of cosmic light that impacted this planet, this past weekend!




our questions is, "can you feel this? are you aware of this shift and do you have the feeling that something big is about to happen?"




new inside earth alliance intel, downloaded intergalactic chatter, and a strong data marker in the collective, global light-worker consciousness indicates that a positive and profound, major world event is imminent!




after the historical gamma light influx from the last two days, a large portion of the starseeds of earth endured strong to severe ascension symptoms!




the light is getting stronger in this quadrant of the cosmos and the layered human body system must be able to fully integrate this high-vibrational light in preparation for the evolutionary change that is coming!




pleiadian medical officers and energetic healers aboard craft docked around the earth have said, "due to the overwhelming need for further layered body healing and light body formation among the starseeds of earth, pleiadian protocol, pb stardust will be re-initiated in the coming hours!"


昴宿星医疗官和能量疗愈师,处于停靠在地球周围的飞船上,说道“出于对多层面身体的疗愈和光之身体的成型压倒性的需求(星际种子的),昴宿星协议, PB 星尘会在未来的几个小时重新启动”


this data will be broadcast tonight!




we also have data to bring about the new earth quantum financial system that has been in a testing phase, behind the scenes, for almost one year now!




this new qfs data will be broadcast in the next 2 earth days!


这个新的量子金融系统数据会在接下来的 2 天广播


lastly, the pleiadians have transmitted a very special message to the earth alliance about how critical it is that the starseeds of earth elevate their thinking above the human level, in preparation for the coming new earth civilization!




this amazing teaching will be presented to you in the next 2 earth days!


这个惊人的教导会在接下来的 2 天呈现给你


great ones,




the starseeds of earth all know in their hearts that a major shift in consciousness is occurring on planet earth and that we are standing at the threshold of the long awaited golden age!




we will bring all of this data to you as it is fully compiled!




god-speed to all great beings of light who dwell on the earth!





传导:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan




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