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Greetings, Light Warriors who are anchoring Fifth Dimensional frequencies into a planet being reborn!




You have witnessed, within a single month of your calendar, two terrible eventsone in Virginia, with much waving of angry red flags, and another in Texas, symbolized by the lost and panicked looks thrown into basic survival situations by a severe hurricane.


你在一个月内见证了两起可怕的事件 --- 一个在弗吉尼亚州,伴随着很多挥舞的愤怒红旗,另一个在德克萨斯州,被严峻的飓风所造成的失去和恐慌陷入了基本的生存困境


You have, most of you, correctly intuited that neither situation simply evolved on its own.




Each was carefully engineered, planned, and executed with the dark intentions of not only disrupting life in the United States, but seeding fear, disruption, panic, and chaos in the heart-minds of many millions of people, particularly children and families, many of whom are already in a state of stress and worry that their loved ones may be deported.




However seemingly well-planned, these ploys are nevertheless already failing.




Similar to the events surrounding September 11, they have indeed created a wave of shock that has spread throughout the United States, and by extension, throughout the world.


911 的事件相似,他们确实创造了一波又一波的冲击,贯穿美国,从而,整个世界


We see the energy waves of low frequency surrounding these events, and as you, send higher vibrations of courage and inner strength to those falling prey to them.




Yet beyond this disruption, we also see that which you are now sensing: an astounding outpouring of Love, concern, hope, and support on all levelsphysical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and socialthat the dark hats prefer not to include in their equations.


但在这个破坏之上,我们还看到了你正在感到的:一个惊人的爱,关怀,希望,支持的流露 --- 物理,精神,心灵,情绪和社会等等层面上 --- 黑帽子不喜欢把这些包含在自己的等式中


You have in fact in these last few months, particularly since the Lions Gate of August 8, and the eclipse of August 21, come out of the polarizing good/bad, dark/light orientation that the hypnotized modern mind has been trained to follow.


在最近几个月里,事实上,从 8 8 日的狮子门到 21 日的日食,你已经走出了好 / 坏,黑暗 / 光明的极性,被催眠的现代头脑被训练去跟随的


You are preferring, rather than to fall into yet another rut of Us/Them, to simply reach out to one another, whether through volunteering to aid storm evacuees, donating to organizations providing food and shelter, or voicing statements of loving support for those killed or wounded in Charlottesville, with compassion for those hired who willingly took on the role of disruptors in either situation.


你宁可,与其落入另一个我们 / 他们的惯例,伸向他人,无论是通过自愿去帮助风暴的灾民,捐赠,提供食物和住所,或者为那些伤亡的人表达爱的话语,对那些被雇佣来扮演破坏角色的人感到同情


So that far from deflating an entire country, these situations have only unified it, and by extension, unified the human spirit, which continues to move forward in unprecedented upward moves of consciousness, as the Earth Herself continues to rise in frequency.




You see the hertz measurement of the Earths current frequency, which is impressive enough, having risen remarkably over the past decade to heights that human beings could not have physically kept up with in times previous to this.




Yet even beyond that, you sense and experience the beauty and power of the response to what appear to be earth-shattering events, which in fact are not shattering Earth life, but healing not only the shock of current trauma, but many centuries of past trauma.




How is this possible, you may ask, when these events shake us with shock or anger, bringing us to tears as we see small children and animals being carried over flood waters, knowing that not all can be rescued in time?




When we see parents and a grandparent who have lost a beloved daughter, speaking at her memorial service?




Yet it is possible, because at Earths current increasing vibration, the events of Earth life are increasingly losing their accidental or chaotic aspect.




Everything in your life from now on, including all that occurs around you, is a matter of soul intent, to be handled on a soul journey level.




Everything you view around you now is part of an ongoing contribution to the creation of fifth dimensional life on this planet, and the announcement and collective assent of Earths joining intergalactic society.




All that you experience now can only strengthen your souls higher intentions, can only support you in dissolving and healing old karma, and all the past events of your current life, including that which you were once convinced was beyond healing.




And so, though we feel and understand the sadness and anger which with you view these engineered events, we stand with your souls and higher selves, and all those guides and Angels supporting them, and say, You have come now to that place in the path where there is no return to the old ways.




The separation has occurred; the old Earth has separated from the New.




You are on the path now into purely fifth dimensional living, or you would not be here now.




And to those who doubt it is worth it to stay, who feel exhausted and overcome by the struggle to push through many centuries of dross in order to find the gold underneath, we say:




You have chosen this, and you know at the deepest level of your heart-mind, the joy that awaits you as you sail through this storm, and create by your own intention the moment when you reach the Light that is always beyond the darkest clouds.




Nowright nowjust as you feel the worst has arrived, your most brilliant Divine aspect takes up residence in your physical being, to remind you that in fact, the best has begun.


现在 --- 就是此刻 --- 当你感到最糟糕的到来,你最明亮的神圣面向居住于你的物理存在,提醒你,事实上,最好的开始了


Namaste, dear ones! We are beside you, at every moment.




原文: http://sananda.website/the-collective-via-caroline-oceana-ryan-september-1st-2017/

通灵:Caroline Oceana Ryan

翻译:Nick Chan


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