Every aspect of your life on earth is purposeful, meaningful, and focused on a single objective, to resolve karma which is experienced as incomplete and dense energies that remain in the earths grid from past life trauma. Each person who creates these energies must eventually return them to a divine state. This is your soul mission and each lifetimes purpose is to complete that mission. Therefore, every life choices revolves around the choice to release the energy or repeat it, to create closure or to continue it.


你地球生活的每个面向都是有目的的、有意义的并专注于一个目标 --- 解决被体验为不完整和稠密能量的业力,从过去生世的创伤存留于地球网格的。创造这些能量的每个人必须最终将它们返回神圣的状态。这是你灵魂的使命,每一生的目标就是完成那个使命。因此,每个人生选择都围绕着是释放能量还是重复它,是创造结束还是继续它的抉择


There is no right or wrong way to do this and there is no right or wrong choice. A choice to release is no better than a choice to repeat, it merely indicates that the learning is incomplete with that situation and another energy cycle is required. This also applies to closure or continuation. If you are not ready for unconditional closure, then you will choose to continue the lesson, no matter how painful, traumatic, unrewarding, or challenging it is.




But often those choices are made from a desire to see healing and completion in others, and not from your own healing perspective. Can you be healed if you notice that others involved in your karmic cycle and soul groups are not? While you may believe your life is a purpose to heal others, it is a purpose to heal yourself, to release dense energies created by soul trauma, to forgive yourself and to create closure in all 3D pathways. What others choose to do with their mission, purpose, and energy does not influence your own healing unless you allow it to.


但通常那些选择来自渴望看到他人之中的疗愈和完结,不是来自你自己的疗愈角度。你能否被疗愈,如果你注意到涉及你业力周期和灵魂团队的其他人并未疗愈?虽然你可能相信你的生命是一个疗愈他人的目标,它是一个疗愈你自己的目标,释放由灵魂创伤创造的稠密能量,宽恕自己,在所有 3D 道路中创造完结。别人选择要对他们的使命、目标和能量做什么并不影响你自己的疗愈,除非你允许


The desire to be in the higher frequencies of joy, peace, and prosperity are dependent on release and closure for it is only when you are ready to allow yourself to experience your life in the congruent harmony of its full 5D energetic expression that you can choose this path. But you must do so without looking back, fearing that you are not finished, that others are not healed, and that you will be judged for your choices. The Universe does not judge what you do for others by being in service to their healing. Instead, you judge yourself based on what you see others doing. Yet this is something you cannot fully know so you assume a healing mission where it does not exist.


想要处于更高的喜悦、平和与繁荣频率的渴望取决于释放和完结,因为只有当你准备好让自己体验你的生活(在它充分 5D 能量表达的一致和谐中)你才能选择这条道路。但你必须不能回头、或害怕你没有完成、其他人没有疗愈、你会因你的选择被评判。宇宙不会评判你通过服务他人的疗愈为他人所做的。而是,你评判自己,基于你看到他人在做什么。但这是你无法完全知道的,所以你假设一个并不存在的疗愈使命


Instead of being a servant, your mission is to be a master of your own energy. Instead of being a servant to others healing, you are to be a source of inspiration that they can choose when they are ready to release their own lessons and give themselves closure. This is not a lonely path unless you judge your own healing, growth, and ascension path based on what you see others doing.




Release your own guilt and shame at being in joy when you feel others are not.




Acceptance of others choices is your karmic release and the pathway to release and closure to fully express your potential and complete your ascension path. Be true to your own path as that is where you will find the joy, love, and peace you seek and you can inspire others to heal through your mastery and not as a servant to their healing path.




通灵:Jennifer Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan




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