I am Melchizedek and I speak now to all of the beloved children of light. If you are reading this message, then it is meant for you.




Children of light, be brave. Your time is now. A great tide has turned. Those of you who have been locked in shadow will begin to find reprieve. Another great doorway of light has opened. The diamond flame is anchored fully. And while hardship may still prevail as part of the human condition, you will find a sense of equilibrium restored once more within yourselves.




I speak now to those souls whose purpose it is to seed the planet with light – the wayshowers, the light givers, you know who you are and why you came.


现在我对那些希望在地球上播种光的灵魂说话 --- 引路人、光之赠予者,你知道你是谁,你为什么来到这里


Illumined children, your tears are not for nothing. Your pain and heartbreak is not meaningless. Your human self has been cracking like a shell. Not merely the shell of your human limitations, but a great shell that has encapsulated this entire realm. Layers and pieces of this false ceiling have been crumbling and shattering as your emotions have swelled and billowed outwards.




You are forces of light which cannot be held within so small a container!




And so your glittering souls have burst forth with all the power of your fierce determination and compassion. You have felt more deeply than the ‘human’ condition would have accounted for. But this idea of the ‘human’ condition belongs to a false reality – for the true human condition is divinity itself!


所以你闪闪发光的灵魂伴随着你猛烈的决心和慈悲的所有力量迸发。你比“人类”状况所能应付地感受地更深刻。但这个“人类”状况的想法从属于虚假的现实 --- 因为真正的人类状况就是神性本身


Dear ones, if only you knew the power of your tears. You have rocked the very status quo. When you open your hearts and cry out for the dear ones of this planet, you cleanse the planet of fear, of hatred, of falsehood, of treachery, of lies.




Your hearts emit a thunderous roar of such invincible love energy that fear literally dissipates in its wake. A vibration goes out like a sonic boom when the chorus of hearts from the soul workers calls out.




You are coming together now. You are feeling each other. You are experiencing the emotions of ‘the other’ as your own. Soon you will hear each other and then you will begin to speak telepathically with each other. Some of you are already communicating in this way. And you cannot be lied to.




Be loving and kind to yourselves when this occurs for the shadow can be tricky. You all have one. Forgive each other for your shadow and your shortcomings. Navigate your way forward through the compass of your heart.




Some of you will need to separate even from fellow Lightworkers. You are regrouping, dear ones. Specific groups are being aligned and others completing their previous missions. All is well. Hold love in your hearts for those you are bidding farewell to for at soul level you are always connected.




Your pain at times may feel as though it is cracking you apart. Splitting your very core into pieces. It is.




You are expanding out of confinement and imprisonment. Like an animal that has grown too large for its cage and breaks free out of sheer necessity for more space, more room, more air, more light…


你在扩张超越限制与监禁。就像一个动物长地太大无法用牢笼困住,必要地突破来获得更多的空间、空气、光 ...


Lick your wounds now, sweet ones, and step back and take in the vista that sweeps open before you. A new day has come! Rest a while and breathe in this momentous time. The very foundations of your earthly lives are crumbling. Light pours in. Miracles are headed your way. Hold true to your heart and purpose. Trust. Be unwavering in your faith.




I am Melchizedek and I speak now to all of the beloved children of light. I extend my humble blessing and dispensation upon you, for the laws which have governed this realm for so long do not apply to you…


我是麦基洗德,我对所有亲爱的光之子说话。我将谦卑的祝福和豁免扩张给你,因为统治这个领域很长时间的规则并不适用于你 ...


Remember this always: A higher decree of light and mystery accompanies you on your soul mission. Call upon me now to activate it and you will be shown the way…


永远记住:一个更高的光之法令和神秘陪伴着你进行灵魂使命。呼唤我来激活它,你会被展示道路 ...


Dear ones, remember who you are now. For your time has come.




And so it is, as it was always written.




Rest awhile now in the light of the Diamond Flame and let your soul be nourished…


在钻石火焰的光中休息一会儿,让你的灵魂被滋养 ...


I am Melchizedek and I am here.




通灵:Alexandra Wenman

翻译:Nick Chan




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