I am Horus, and I am going to tell you today that there is coming a very wonderful time in your history. It of course will first have to be your present moment, and that is my point today. As the moment to moment events come and they clear the way for the history to represent the Love, Power and Joy of this planet, then it will also represent what is being taken place as I speak in the clearing out of all the old stuff that has been in place for so long around the earth and even within it in certain places. It has shown so many people how events and different feelings of power can be misrepresented and understood as the way to live.




It is being shown as I speak that there is much to be seen that is not of Love and the wonder of freedom to be in accordance with the truth of living in harmony. Here is the example of what is taking place right this moment. It is a coming event that is to be shown around the world that there is a truth to being free and in harmony with all of life on this planet. You will see how much debris has been cleared away and how much more is in the process to regain the freedom that is in the works in all ways for all of you.




The original Republic on this earth for the American people will come forth and will show not only America how they were once living, but how they can again. It will show the rest of the world how it is to be speaking in the energy of what it means to be free, living the Power of Love, in the Joy of being in the Oneness of all of life.




I will leave this moment now to give to you one of the pieces of news through this one, and to show you how the moment of truth can be so empowering in the energy of harmony all around the world. Love is all there is, and it is streaming through all of us in every moment. All it takes is for us to feel it and then live it in a moment to moment way of truth. Love you all so much!




翻译:Nick Chan






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