Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses,




There come times in your existence when you will be asked to make choices that will assist in supporting and raising the consciousness and vibrational frequencies of humanity.




Now is not the time to take a back seat or to lay back and let others do the work. It is time for you to take action and be of Service to any or All in some capacity that you are able.




We are asking you to "take up arms" your invisible Archangel Michael's Sword and Shield of Protection against all unwanted, negative, destructive, malicious, harmful and oppressing and hurtful lower vibrational energies.




We say to you Awakened Ones, do what may take effort and may take you out of your comfort zone. It may take risking your own credibility or your name for example. It is time to defend what you know is Truth and what you feel is Loving and beneficial to you and to your millions of brothers and sisters on Gaia (Terra Christa). Would you go to battle for another God or Goddess who is being attacked or made fun of or even slandered?




Of course you would! Why wouldn't you? Band together and do what is necessary to remove the evil or negative news or messages coming from others. This includes negative dark actions as well. Negativity breeds negative consequences. You can intercede NOW. Excerise your God-given right to say "NO" to these lower density influences.






When you are in perfect alignment with your heart-mind, you feel serene, balanced and happy. We desire this for each and everyone of you. Do what must be done to bring about a perfect world you desire it to be! Do not wait for something to happen or someone to do the work.




It is the mission you were blessed take on because you knew could do it! Remember you are the bringer of Love-Light Warriors (Gods and Goddesses) that will catapult Humanity and all on Terra Christa into Full 5th Dimension.




The full Fifth dimensional existence is perfect alignment with All THAT IS. Ii is pure endless Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony for All. It is Many call this Nirvana, Zero Point Zone, Quantum Realm etc.




翻译:Nick Chan











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