Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses,




Focus on the NOW, the present moment. What is meant by this? Are we not always being faced and affected by events or people of the the past in some way? Are we not looking to the future so we can be happier or more successful? We live in a world of rich and poor, good and evil, emotional and mental turmoil and the list goes on. Is this not in the NOW?


专注于当下,此时此刻。这是什么意思?我们是不是在某种程度上总是面对着过去的事件或人并被其所影响?难道我们没有展望未来,希望我们可以更快乐或更成功吗?我们生活在一个富有 / 贫穷,善与恶,情感与精神动荡等等的世界中。这是处于当下吗?


Let's look deeper. The real reason for concentrating on NOW is to to help us become more Conscious and Aware. It is part of the process of Awakening. Here is a very brief explanation of the stages of Consciousness from this particular point of view.




The first stage is unconsciousness. This is the stage that the mass population occupies. They call it the Matrix. They are immersed in their daily routines...waking up, eating and taking children to school, going to work, coming home, taking care of children, putting kids to bed and then going to sleep and then to repeat this day in and day out. They live in duality, or world of opposites, of right and wrong, of good vs. bad, of rich or poor, etc.


第一阶段是无意识。这是大众占据的阶段。他们称它为矩阵。他们沉浸于日常的事务中 ... 起床、吃饭、送孩子上学、上班、回家、照顾孩子、哄孩子睡觉然后再去睡觉,然后重复这样的日子。他们生活于二元性,或对立的世界,对和错,善 VS 恶,富有或贫穷等等。


In many instances, they chase their dreams and are motivated and driven to succeed because they are afraid of lack or poverty. Some chase being number #1 because anything less will not make them happy or their parents will be disappointed. You have your own stories. Maybe you have felt powerless or inferior or disconnected if you could not or did not achieve what you want. You live and accept living in polarity (3D we call it). It seems that this is all you know. Vibrational frequencies are low at this first stage.


在许多情况下,他们追逐自己的梦想,被激励和驱动去获得成功,因为他们害怕缺乏或贫穷。一些人追逐成为第一名,因为其他的东西无法让他们开心或者他们的父母会感到失望。对此你有着自己的故事。也许你感到无力或自卑或分离,如果你无法或并未实现你想要的。你生活并接受生活于极性(我们称为 3D )。看似这是你所知的一切。在这个第一阶段振动频率是很低的


The second stage is Consciousness. This is where one comes to an awareness of the reality or illusion of duality. Gradually, over time as you grow up, you learn and understand who you are with all of your fears, your flaws, all the negative or Shadow side. For example, you may have experienced being inauthentic or pretending to be who you are not, or becoming angry or upset with yourself because you are not good enough in some way, and therefore, you feel bad about yourself or feel unwanted. You have your own stories too.




Through time and experience, you will also find and likely access and utilize some of your perhaps hidden wonderful and beautiful abilities. At this point, you gain a more realistic perception of who you truly are. People, family and friends recognize your potential and achievements. Your self-esteem grows. You become more confident and proficient etc.




As time passes, and as you continue on your evolution, you come to a realization, that you accept and love yourself for all that you are and have been. Self Acceptance and Self Love is key to this higher level of consciousness. Now you can truly love others as you love yourself. Of course, all of this results in your being in higher vibrational frequencies.




You have at this point integrated your Shadow(negative) side into your Light(positive)side. There is no more separation. You fully realize that duality is but an Illusion. You are whole and One within. You also learn to begin to live in the present or NOW moment. You are no longer motivated by fear or anything coming from the past of old programming or the unknown of the future. Experiencing this stage is key to Awakening.




The third stage of Consciousness is Enlightenment or Full Consciousness and Awareness. This is Self Realization. You know and are Creator of your reality. You know and are One with everything and everyone around you and vice versa. You experience perfect and pure love, bliss, joy, peace and harmony always. You have transcended duality completely while still living in a world of 3-4D illusion. You are a multidimensional being. You fully know (not only think it) and experience Oneness with Source where there is only NOW, timeless and infinite.


第三个意识阶段就是启蒙或全意识。这是自我实现的。你知道你是自己现实的创造者。你知道你与一切和每个人合一。你总是体验完美、纯净的爱、祝福、喜悦、平和与和谐。你已经完全超越二元性,同时依旧生活于 3-4D 的幻象世界。你是一个多维度的存在。你完全知道(不只是认为)并体验与源头的合一,在这里只有当下,永恒与无限


Remember that your full Awakening or Enlightenment process is an individual journey.




There is a brilliant and magnificent existence that awaits your awakening!




What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is!!!




LOVE to ALL - We are ONE


爱你们 --- 我们是一


通灵:Kalia Diya

翻译:Nick Chan




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