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This is the description of one of the 16 Past Life Patterns. These patterns were developed by Karen Downing, inorder to help you understand how past life experiences affect your life today.Each person carries 3 to 5 past life patterns in varying levels of influence.By understanding your unique mix of patterns, you can more easily build up yourstrengths and transform your challenges. Past life patterns are the key touncovering your Soul Mission.


这篇是16个前世模式之一的描述。这些模式是Karen Downing总结出来的,为了帮助你理解前世经历如何影响你今生的生活。每一个人都携带着3-5个前世模式,他们有不同程度的影响。通过理解你个人的独特的前世模式组合,你可以更容易地增强你的力量并转化你的挑战。前世模式是发现你的灵魂使命的关键。



The Creative feels best when they are in the flow oftheir creative energy, and expressing themselves through their work. They havea natural intuition guiding them in their artistry, yet can overedit or gum uptheir creative flow with doubt. Their intuition helps them to connect withothers on an empathic level, this skill can be channeled into their creativity,or cause them to sense the world to be too harsh a place. When the Creativefeels stifled in their creativity, they will try to bottle it up. If they stopusing this energy, it will cause bitterness.





Some of the typical past life experiences of theCreative are as architects, artists, dancers, musicians, singers, writers,chefs, poets, and/or expressing themselves through any creative outlets. TheCreative is their own harshest critic, and carries a fear that their creationsare not good enough. The can easily fall into patterns of perfectionism, oreven hold their works in hiding.




Expressionof the Creative Pattern in Your Life Now

The Creative needs to be expressing their artistictalents. If they do not have a career that supports their artistry, they willmake a hobby or side job of it. In relationships, they possess emotionalawareness, and can create off-balanced relationships where their partner doesvery little, and the Creative takes up the bulk of responsibility. Theirempathic nature drives them to help in any way they can, at least until theyhave had enough of harsh opinions or criticism, and will shut down and withdrawfor a time before reemerging.





There are two ways that the Creative theme revealsitself; The Tentative Creative and the Convicted Creative. If you resonate withThe Creative pattern, you might discover that you can possess qualities of one,or even both, of the ways that The Creative pattern is expressed. Often in onearea of life you can feel one way, and in another area of life feel anotherway.





The Tentative Creative

The Tentative Creative holds their work back frompublic view. Because of all they experienced it their past lives, they fearhaving negative criticism, and even constructive criticism. This causes them tostop themselves before they can gain any momentum. However, the Tentative Creativestill has the drive to create, and will often have a storeroom filled withworks, or will destroy the creations they deem not good enough. Not matter howmuch the learn, they still feel their creations are not elevated enough. Ifthey are not using their creative talents, they will become homebound andclosed off.





The Convicted Creative

The Convicted Creative creates with a purpose in mind,often to share hidden messages or to educate others. Without such a focus, theConvicted Creative feel that their works do not have impact. They strive tocreate social change through their artistry. This conviction is also reflectedin their communication style and relationships. Whatever they do in life, theirconviction drives them forward, and if someone gets in the way of thoseconvictions, then the Convicted Creative will shift that person out of theirlife. The Convicted Creative will always find a way to use their creativeenergy, it flows without end, but they must be mindful of overexplaining whatthe observers of their art are supposed to experience.





Past Life Pattern Breakdown:

  • Fears their work being harshly judged
  • Can be stubborn
  • Not always the best listener in conversations, as     they can get lost in their mind, thinking about their next projects
  • Because of past life experiences of having their     ideas/creations stolen, the Creative is likely hesitant to share their     works with the world again









Affirmation - “I will allow mycreative energy to flow easily. I let go of any self-judgment that stops mycreative flow. I will instead assess my work in a kind and gentle manner”





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