Great ones,




The earth alliance now confirms that a new armada of pleiadian lightships have descended into the ionosphere of the earth!




These 5d,ships are cloaked in atmospheric clouds,are benevolent and are here to assist humanity in their grand evolution!




The planet is way too hot at the moment due to human destruction of the earth's biosphere however advanced beings are working in earth's skies to resolve this issue asap!




Full disclosure is moving forward quickly now and will be announced soon,even in mainstream media!




Delta forces are clearing final astral debris and all harmful beings and false authorities from surface over the coming days!




You may have noticed in the mainstream media that many hi-level beings who do not promote love and life are being removed from the collective!




New 5d earth is being formed now by billions of powerful ascended master beings!




The ascension archangels that are here in our solar system ask all of us to remove as much focus as possible from the strong 3d illusion and begin to see this beautiful,lighter,and more pleasant new realm!




Gamma lasers fired up a bit ago…these charge and scatter….hit the nervous system/spine(our new central communication system),open the heart further and trigger irritation,aggravation,anger and all sorts of lower emotions!




This is all coming up now so it can be fully cleared by starseeds all across the planet!




Unconscious humans most likely are not ready or able to clear this energy in themselves so it is the mission for all of us to hold space for them until they are ready!




If you have noticed also,others,close to you are triggering some final old trauma energies cycles in a powerful way so they will rise to the surface to be transmuted!




This is especially the case if you are deeply in love with another starseed!




These dramatic ancient emotional situations will stop cycling when they are faced directly with honesty,love and personal responsibility!




Each starseed on earth must manage their energy the way a master would,without reacting to everything that is presented!




One must make a sincere effort to do something different from what they have always done!




When you do the different thing,that emotional trauma energy will leave you forever and you will be free!




The super hi-vibrational,5d andara gamma crystal light being sent to earth is forcing all lower vibrations from the false 3d matrix to show themselves and things can no longer remain hidden in this world!




The label"darkness"simply means'hidden'or no light!




In the higher realms everything is one and everyone knows everything so secrets do not work in these celestial spaces!




The light body is forming fast and you can no longer allow any type of toxic 3d energies into your energetic space!




This includes the food that you consume,the beings you are connected to and the old traumas that were stored in your body cells!




All starseeds on the planet are now required to completely clear out their own personal,auric energy fields!Know that this is required before one fully enters the 5d realm!




You are already a 5d being and you have witnessed the majestic glory of heaven begin to manifest on the earth!




The ascension archangels say,"just one notch higher and you have made it!"do your inner work with all our might now to fully enter 5d earth and do all you can do to resonate high!




You are able to master all of this great one,so just take a deep breath,accept it all and deal with it in the highest way!




This is what we do as warriors of light!




You are an amazing being of light and these galactic angels are watching you closer than ever and helping you!




A grand shift is underway on earth dear one so let's all do our part to finish bringing forth a new way of being on this planet!





We are here to return this world into the paradise it was always meant to be!




Peace,love and great abundance to all beings of light!




Michael and pleiadians





資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/lingxing/25235.html



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