Truth is achieved only through awareness. It is not a mind process at all.




You are not to think the truth; rather, you have to stop all thinking to know truth; you have to forget all about truth to know truth, You have to unburden yourself of all the theories, hypothesizes, philosophies, and ideologies that you have learned. The process of achieving the truth is a process of unlearning, it is a process of unconditioning.




Slowly, one has to get out of the mind, to slip out of the mind; and one has to become just a pool of consciousness, a pure awareness. Just a sheer watchfulness: Do nothing, just watch, watch all that is happening in the outside world and in the inside world.




When one can just watch without any judgment interfering, without any old ideas coming in, then truth is revealed. And the miracle is that it does not come from somewhere else to you, it does not descend from above; it is found within you - it is your intrinsic nature.




It is really a great revelation to know truth,because you are it and you have never lost it - even for a single moment. You have always been it. It is impossible to lose it, because it is your nature and your nature cannot be lost. That's why we call it nature. That which cannot be lost is the very definition of nature. That which can be lost is not nature but nurture. Truth is your nature, your very being, your very existence, your very center.




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