Divine Mother says, dear ones, I am your Divine Mother. Since my ascension rays arrived on the planet on your liner time, May 19th 2018, I have seen all sorts of scenarios in terms of where our light workers are in their ascension journey. Some have ascended. And others are still in the trying. Today, I want to give our light workers an update so that individually, you know where you are and what to do if you have not ascended.




The Divine energies designed to get your light body activated so that you can ascend. Ascension means that your light body is going to be the main vehicle and light will be your way of navigating the human life. Your light body is now being fully activated. In other words, every one of our light workers will need to activate their light body so that the light in the body can be accumulated till you have enough of the light quotient and then ascend.




Currently, the light coming to the planet is doing just that, activating the light body. There is enough of the light for every one now to be activated, and that is the goal. The goal is for my children to come home with me, in the light body, ascend with Gaia and humanity so that together, we bring the light body of Gaia to a higher realm. In doing so, we, the Divine, are going to make sure Gaia is sound and safe, humanity will ascend. That is the goal.




I love you dear ones, I am your Divine Mother. In this ascension process, I have been repeatedly told by the Divine that some light workers who are currently on the planet, are having difficulty ascending and that is the challenge. I asked Divine and the company of heaven, to come up with a plan and help these light workers. Even after help from the Divine, these light workers who appear ready to ascend, and yet cannot, for some reason, make it into 5D. Divine will lift them up, and ascend.




I have sent a team of angels who are known to these light workers, and who are comparably speaking, know how this ascension works. I sent them here to help. I want these Angels to figure out why some of the light workers have such a challenge in this ascension journey, and why they don't or couldn't ascend even though they appear to have enough of the light in their body. I know it sounds simple. But in reality, physical ascension is a challenging task. That is why it takes great souls to ascend in the physical body.




However, ompare to the past, in this particular ascension process, we have applied different strategies, employed great numbers of our ascension experts, and let Gaia and humanity have a great deal of Divine light to help. After all this Divine efforts, we still have a great number of the light workers who are still in the process, struggling, and for some reason, not able to ascend, and that has caused me a great deal of concern, and we need to make it known to our light workers, so that together, we figure out why, so our light workers can all ascend.




I love you dear ones, I am your Divine Mother. In this process, I also noticed that the light workers, more or less, have an easier time than humanity in general to ascend. In other words, our light workers, at end of the day, have an easier access to help. So, more light workers should have ascended by now due to the intense energies coming to the planet, and that is the design. But the fact that we are still debating how and why some light workers are having a hard time to ascend is concerning. That being said, at end of the day, the Divine will do whatever it takes to make sure all of the light workers ascend, and arrive on time so that the next step of the ascension process can begin.




The reason we are in a hurry for our light workers to ascend is largely because Divine and the company of heaven, are ready to start the next phase. Divine is ready to make itself known to the planet and to humanity. We need our light workers to be ready for that.




Besides that, Divine is also ready to come in and rule the planet. We are deeply yearning for that. Gaia is totally on board with us. So, all we need now is our light workers who have not ascended to ascend. We need them to be ready. We need our light workers to ascend so that we can, together, start the next phase of the ascension process, come in and rule the planet, and bring humanity home. That is why we need our light workers to hurry up and ascend. Once you ascend, I can send you to the next mission. That is the end goal.




In terms of who is having a hard time ascending, I have asked the Divine and the company of heaven, to come up with a list, and change strategy on how to help those souls. They may have different needs, rather than ascension Rays. They may already have enough of the ascension rays, but rather not wanting to leave the 3D. And that is the free will issue, and Divine has to look into that.




As for others, who are trying their best to ascend, and yet not made it. I have asked Divine to look into it, and see what is keeping those light workers from ascending. What do they need, at this point, to make the ascension a success? What is the reason that those souls struggle so hard, and yet, can not ascend? What does Divine need to do in order for these souls to ascend? I need Divine and the company of heaven, to come up with solutions so that those souls can ascend.




I love you dear ones. Physical ascension is challenging to say the least. But remember, you have Divine and the company of heaven, here to help. Call for help if you need it. Know whatever you are coping with, we can help. Don't hold back, ask for help. The Divine and the company of heaven, are mainly here for the planetary ascension. So, there is nothing there they can not help with.




I love you my precious children on earth, I am your Divine Mother. In the next few days and weeks, Divine is going to launch, yet another big wave of my ascension Rays. The purpose of my upcoming ascension Rays is for the planet and for humanity, so that together, the Divine can bring the planet to a higher realm, and bring humanity home. In terms of how much the Rays will impact you and the planet, they will be quite powerful and impactful. Be vigilant dear ones, know my Rays are powerful, and they are coming shortly.




I love you dear ones, I am your Divine Mother. So it is.




通灵:Linda Li

翻译:Nick Chan





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