We were asked, “When do you know to take action versus when to just do nothing and allow?” We would like to address this today.




When you are in the pregnant pause, when you feel it’s time for change but that change hasn’t shown up yet, it can be difficult to know exactly how to proceed. Do you attempt to make things happen? Do you just wait patiently? How do you know which to do?




The answer is very simple, Dear Ones. If you are surrendered into being guided for your highest good, all you must do is stay in the flow, watch for the signs and synchronicities, follow the path of ease, and do what is being energetically supported at any given time.




Surrender takes the guess work out of things. If you know your intention was to stay surrendered into the flow and not one thing happens that day, you can rest assured that the stillness was for your highest good and the highest good of all. That may mean that you were busy on an energetic level, integrating energy or holding space for the collective.




If you are surrendered and things start synchronistically popping into your awareness, coming together with ease, and feeling light and supported, that is the universe giving you the big neon sign that flashes THIS WAY. It is the same with feeling inspired, energetically drawn, or finding yourself in action spontaneously, almost as if you are in auto-pilot. All these are indicators that the flow is leading you to a place that is in alignment with your soul.




And you may find that there are little bits of movement and then stalls. This too is fine. It tells you that things are still taking form and all that is required is that you trust the energies and work with whatever is being supported on any given day.




There is always forward movement and manifestation happening. There is always much going on behind the scenes in the process of preparation to take on form in your physical awareness. Trust. Choose to embrace the benefits of whatever phase you are in. Your job is to be a willing participant in your co-creative relay with the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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