Zalishia: Greetings, I am Zalishia.


Zalishia: 问候,我是 Zalishia.


EBSS: Greetings.




Zalishia: Welcome, dearest heart. Welcome to this Council and to this circle of love. And it is a massive circle, and it is a circle of rainbow light and pearlescent white and purple white and golden white – and, of course, filled with your halion and the halion blue of your brothers and sisters of the stars and of the original Halion.


Zalishia: 欢迎,亲爱的。欢迎来到这个委员会和爱的圆圈。这是一个巨大的圆圈,这是一个虹光,珍珠白,紫白,金白的圆圈---当然,充满了你的暮光(halion,译注:不知道什么意思),你星星兄弟姐妹的暮光蓝以及最初的暮光


Much is underway, and yes, you are perceiving this and feeling it, not only through the information sources that you garner but through your very pores, through the very air that you breathe. You know that change – and we mean the change – is underway and this is exactly not only as you desire, as we desire, but as the Mother plans, as the Mother dreams.




And as the Mother unfurls her cloak, the blessings drop out and they are not only beautiful, sweet one; they are significant. And they are significant, not only in materiality, but in a vibratory nature that changes who human beings are. They are waking up. Oh, some are still fighting, choosing, wishing, demanding, commanding to stay asleep, but that matters not.




You have an expression – and by the way, so do we – that ‘it is a numbers game’, [chuckles] and so what you have been doing upon this beautiful Gaia planet is a numbers game. And it is the vibratory rate at which the individual and the collective, the frequency they are holding, but it is also the collective mass that has built to a point where the dam is bursting.




Now, do they think of it as Ascension, as the shift? No, not all of them, and that matters not one iota. What matters is that so many of the human beings, be they starseeds or hybrids or earthkeepers, are recognising that not only do they yearn for love; they are knowing that they are love – that this has always been the fundamental essence of who they are and that can’t change.




They have thrown up many disguises and worn many masks over time, but that cannot change the essential, fundamental essence of what humans are. To even dream of anything else is simply a denial of the Mother/Father One – and that is not acceptable.




翻译:Nick Chan




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