Beloved, who can point a precise finger to life and the powers life engenders? Life appears relative all right, yet life is not designed nor actually created from the relative world of Earth. Yes, concrete transportation, for instance, appears in the relative world. Creation manifests in the relative world, yet Creation surpasses the manifest world. We speak of two roundabout dimensions; the Heaven dimension, shall We say, as Mine and the mundane world, we shall say, as yours to dance on. Of course, I don’t separate these two worlds, although they may seem to appear at loggerheads.



O Divine Children, O Divine Apparent World and Sparkling Divine Heavenland that We all share, whether this is realized or not. The thing is that together, you and I, exist in plain sight as well as out of plain sight. Existence exists any way you slice it.



 What multi-dimensional worlds We live in, counterparts of one another. The jig is up, pure and simple. We exist as One, and One We are.



We revel in one layer and stumble in another, yet I affirm Oneness right and left – of course, there is actually no right and left. We score Oneness, yet what an imagination you have and what an imagination I have bequeathed to you. Where would your imagination have come from if not from Mine? You inherit from Me magnificently as you are meant to do.



To think of all the joys imagination plays with wooden blocks and plain sand and mud, a few of the joys from the Kingdom of Earth.



 We are not talking small potatoes when we speak of Earth created from Heaven portals. Do not mistake, of course, that We, you and I, love jewelry and other sundries. When truth comes to shove, We love Soul, which is a dimension of its own. Everything has significance – yet Soul carries more significance. This is not to knock anything that is generally seen as less than Soul. All that is of in Heaven and on Earth bear significance.



 What I created is pure and simple.



When you create, you may be groggy, yet what you create may require some elements of discernment. Even so, all is well. Go ahead and dance the light fantastic. Even stumbling has its divine purpose in life.



I take care of you regardless of what you may make of life that We, as it is said, We co-create. You may well not notice yourself as co-creator, yet perhaps more as an observer, even when you aren’t paying full attention.



That’s good. You are not meant to analyze to distraction. I invite you to enjoy more than figuring out. Make merry. May Merriment be your middle name. You do catch on to My truth as I speak from this angle, yes? If you cannot say a strong Yes, then it’s okay for you to answer: “Sort of.” Sort of is a good enough apparition to start from. Beloved, I have faith in you. You are making a good start just as you are. I am well-pleased with you. You have started your life as best as you know how – and seemingly totally from scratch.



Beloved, you are an Original God Creation. I created you as you. Then I told you, “My Matey, now set sail for the port of your choice.” If you do not know of the port’s official name, make up a name of your choosing. There is indeed something to name and form. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so venture forth with a spring in your step, are We agreed? Remember, We, you and I, are one Mighty Sea Captain, as it were. We go on the adventure of a lifetime together, hand in hand. May you sport a Voyage Supreme. Catch on, Beloved. Catch on.


亲爱的,你是一个独创的上帝创造物。我像你一样创造了你。然后我告诉你,“My Matey,现在起航去你选择的港口。”如果你不知道港口的官方名称,请说出你选择的名字。确实有一些东西可以命名和形成。没有冒险,没有收获,所以在你的脚步中冒险,我们同意了吗?记住,我们,你和我,都是一个强大的船长。我们携手共度一生的冒险。愿你做一次至高无上的航行。抓住,亲爱的。抓住。



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