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【新】【天堂来信5950】《爱如鲜花盛开》 - 如是說 - 如是說
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Why Are You Bereft When Life Moves On?



God said: 



There are so many Layers of Life in the world, so many aspects of Life that peek out at you, aspects piled up one after the other like so many blankets. How many Coverings and Paraphernalia of Life are there when all is said and done, you wonder. No matter how neatly the blankets are stacked. At some point, the temperature may change, and you may feel that you were booby-trapped in the blink of an eye and Life let you down.




Perhaps you counted on someone who at one point in time could not be counted on. Of course, the someone wasn't the illusionist. That was you --you held the title. You held onto what could not be held onto. You would have been wise to let go long ago, yet you held on until the layers of blankets were tattered and pulled from your reach.




You felt harshly dealt with, yet you were the one who held on for the sake and shape of what you wanted It matters to you how a certain relationship or event turns out. Ultimately, Life turns out as it turns out. What could have been is beside the point. Perhaps it was for a while and not long enough, yet that doesn't mean that Life owes you.




Why are you bereft when Life Moves On? It may seem to you that there are others who have a stability in their lives, but not you, oh, no, not you. Invariably, the blanket seems to be pulled out from underneath you.




You set sail on one ship, and return on another. You have no say as to when you are to leave one ship for another. The thing for you to do is to embrace your next voyage.




Look forward to Life, Beloveds, without holding on. There is no ownership. Life as it is lived on Earth may seem like a mosaic, yet a mosaic that cannot be cemented in place. Here today, and gone tomorrow. There is no ruling that says you must ponder and regret.




After all, what on Earth stays the same?




Beloveds, Part of Life is letting go of it. Merrily, merrily, Life is But a Dream.




You can't live in the past, nor can you live in the future. You can only behold what is in front of you right now. You don't have to make something of it. You don't have to decide the Sun's rising, not do you have to decide the Sun's setting.




You do not have to encumber yourself with what is a passing moment or many passing moments.




Walk sprightly wherever your step takes you.




Despite all the fragments of your life as you may perceive them, you ride varying ships that sail you straight ahead to a destiny that is worth its weight in gold.




There is no blaming or speculating. There is only Life accompanying you to greater than you ever dreamed of. You will get there. You will make it. There is a horizon before you. There is merit even in a Life that you may look aghast at and spurn.




Life doesn't go fast enough for you at the same time it goes too fast and slips between your fingers.




Hail to Life. Bring it on! Bring on Joy. Life is a strong tide that takes you to Realities of Oncoming Fields. Stay on course. Full course ahead for Beauty and Discoveries of all kinds.




You are alive on Earth! You are here! All aboard! You have the Opportunity of a Lifetime right here before you on this Planet called Earth and where the Music of the Spheres from Heaven can also be heard.





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