Dear Ones, resistance is the number one cause of discomfort in your lives. Resistance is an attempt to fight the flow, to deny where your soul is trying to take you, and to choose constriction over expansion.




So what do you do about it? The first thing you need to do is to identify that you are being resistant. Whenever you are uncomfortable, in fear or doubt, or attempting to control or effort you way through something that is not being energetically supported, you are being resistant. Being aware of how you are feeling is the first step.




Once you have identified that you are indeed trying to navigate your life through a space of resistance, there are many things you can do to shift out of it. Surrender is the most effective tool to move from resistance into movement again. Meditation is helpful to move you back into faith and trust, and the alignment of surrender and acceptance.




Asking your guides and helpers to show the way is also an excellent method to get back in the flow. Giving your fears or worries over to Source, or using an affirmation such as “God is guiding me” is effective because not only does it indicate your intention to move beyond your concern, it is also utilizing the assistance that is always available to you. Gratitude is also a wonderful tool to use, as you cannot resist and appreciate something at the same time.




More and more you will come to understand the profound importance of the element of acceptance as your move forward in the new energies. Realizing there are a myriad of ways to shift out of resistance into acceptance will allow you to navigate and co-create your life with far more mastery, grace and ease than ever before. In fact, we encourage you to experiment and find the methods that work best for you, that bring you relief and you find most enjoyable to use, so you will naturally want to use them when required. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


越来越多地你会明白接纳的深度重要性,随着你在新能量中前进。意识到有着无数的方法从抵抗转变到接纳,会让你伴随着更多的精通,优雅和轻盈航行并共同创造你的生活。事实上,我们鼓励你尝试和发现为你奏效的方法,带给你慰藉的,你发现使用的时候很愉快的,所以你会自然地想要使用它们,当有必要。 ~ 大天使加百利


翻译:Nick Chan


音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1JFSs2cQD0


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