Dear Ones, if you don’t create a space of comfort for yourself you will naturally be in a space of complete resistance to your reality. What causes you to feel the most resistance in your life? How can you change it? If it is something you cannot change right now, can you shift your viewpoint of it?




Sometimes just a change of focus can move you from resistance into acceptance. Simply switching “I have to” to “I get to” can instantly move you into seeing what blessings already abound in your life. For example, replacing “I have to drive the children to school today” to “I get to drive the children to school today” instantly moves you into a space of enjoying the extra time with them and having appreciation for their presence, their health, your ability to drive, and the fact that you have working transportation with which to do so.




We understand that there are times where you may be required to do things that are not your preference. We are not suggesting that you deny your feelings. All feelings are valid and should be honoured for their feedback, and should be explored to see if they are trying to lead you to empowered change. But there are many instances where you can move from resistance into acceptance by shifting your focus, and from there you can experience far more comfort, flow, and appreciation in your now moment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


我们明白有时候你需要去做你并不是很喜欢的事情。我们不是建议你否认自己的感受。所有的感受都是有效的,应该荣耀它们的反馈,应该探索去看看它们是否在引领你到达授权的改变。但有着很多例子你可以从抵抗进入接纳,通过转变你的专注,从那里你可以体验更大的舒适,流动和感谢,在你的当下。 ~ 大天使加百利


翻译:Nick Chan




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