Magic, simply put, is experiencing energies beyond what you thought possible that surprise and delight you.




The first steps of living a more magical life is being open to the idea that the unknown can bring you much goodness and wonder, and allowing the universe free rein to show you what else is possible. It is being willing to accept energies beyond what you can see or imagine from your vantage point. It is playing in the etheric and receiving in the physical.




Magic is absolutely available to each and every one of you, in fact, your guides, helpers, and your highest self want you to move into playing in that realm of full potential.




Did you know you are magical beings in our eyes? You continue to surprise and delight us in your discoveries and expansion all the time. Allow us to match your magic, in a dance of co-creation, that is delightful for everyone to behold. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


你知不知道在我们眼中你是一个魔法般的存在?你会在你的发现和扩张中继续惊讶和愉悦我们。让我们匹配你的魔法,在共同创造的舞蹈中,这是一副令人愉快的景象。 ~ 大天使加百利


翻译:Nick Chan



音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssKr5cuVs5c



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