Dear Ones,




Today is not like most other days because you are undergoing a deep shift that is cleansing your emotional palate.




Perhaps you know of wine tasters or sommeliers able to discern tastes others cannot. So it is for you now. You climbed your mountain of fear and cleared those 3D pieces that precluded you from a 5D or beyond life. You are now refining your being in ways we cannot describe – any more than a sommelier can describe a fine wine to someone not interested in wine.


也许你知道品酒师或酒保能够辨别别人无法辨别的味道。你现在就是这样。你爬上了恐惧的山脉,清理了阻止你到达 5D 或之上生活的 3D 碎片。你正在我们无法描述的方式中精炼你的存在 --- 就像一个酒保无法向并不对酒感兴趣的人描述一瓶好酒


Most likely, you are surrounded by one or more naysayers. Those who proclaim only 3D experiences exist. They spout that luck, not skill determines who gets what in the world. Probably, they also inform you that they are realists and you are a dreamer of impossible dreams.


最有可能的是,你被一个或多个反对者包围。那些宣称只有 3D 体验存在的人。他们吐槽是运气,而不是能力决定谁能拥有什么。也许,他们还告诉你他们是现实主义,你做着不可能实现的梦


Nothing could be further from your new truth. For you are now creators in residence. Those naysayer thoughts have little to do with your new reality. You are not the dreamer, they are.




You are in a new reality that has little in common with your 3D world. In truth, little in common with any experiences you have had on earth or in the heavens.


你处于一个和 3D 世界没什么共同之处的新现实。事实上,和你在地球上或者天堂中的体验也没什么共同之处


For in the past, you either were of the earth praying for miracles – or of the heavens knowing you could create all you wished.


因为在过去,你既在地球上祈祷着奇迹 --- 还在天堂知晓你可以创造你所希望的一切


So it is you volunteered before your entrance to the earth in this lifetime to combine your “heavenly” skills with the hopes of the earth. The difference is you no longer require miracles or hope because you are able to create knowingly.




Perhaps this concept is confusing to those of you wishing for something such as a large sum of money or a relationship – neither of which seems probable today.




Such is your stumbling block for it is no longer about wishing or luck, it is about the application of your current skills.




You do not need to hope you will somehow create what you want. You need to KNOW that you will – perhaps not in the exact formation you envision but most certainly more than what you now dare hope for.


你不需要希望你会创造你想要的。你需要知晓你会 --- 也许不在你所想象的切实构造中但肯定会比你现在敢于希望的更多


We speak of exact formation for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that your dreams are limited to your 3D experiences instead of your heavenly capabilities.


我们述说确切构造的一些原因,你的梦想并不局限于你的 3D 体验,而是你天赋的能力


So it is that it is time for you to place your dreams in a larger format. Instead of dreaming of financial abundance, create peace within your financial world. Or instead of a tall, dark, handsome knight sweeping you off your feet, create loving, warm relationships.




Broaden your intent and therefore your creations.




Most wine sommeliers are created as a result of intense study instead of arriving on earth with an exquisite wine palate. Granted their taste buds might be a bit more refined than most, but such does not necessarily mean they will use those taste buds in the winery field.




So it is that not only do you have a new skill set, you must determine how you wish to use those skills. Some of you will use your skill set for personal joy and others for group comfort.




Within your personal or group goal, what do you wish to focus upon? For indeed, the wine sommelier could easily use those same taste buds to become a dill pickle connoisseur.




Determine your direction for the next few weeks. Is it more appropriate for you to focus on group or personal goals? You will answer that question by what gives you joy. For with all your 3D structures imploding, you have many directions to choose from personally or as part of a group. There is no right or wrong – merely what gives you joy.


在接下来的几周确定你的方向。你更适合专注于团队目标还是个人目标?你会通过什么给予你喜悦来回答这个问题。因为伴随着所有 3D 结构的崩溃,你可以个人地或作为团队的一部分选择许多的方向。没有对或错 --- 只是什么给予你喜悦


If thoughts of helping specific groups send smiles and laughter throughout your being, that is your direction. If a personal issue has come to the forefront the past few days that seems to require immediate attention and gives you joy to think about resolving, that is your focus.




You are creators incarnate. Like a child piano prodigy you are a creator prodigy – you just do not yet accept that you are.


你是化身的创造者。就像一个钢琴神童,你是创造者神童 --- 你只是还未接纳你是


If you decide not to create that which would give you joy at this moment, you might ask yourself why – in essence clearing your palate as does a wine connoisseur or sommelier before each wine tasting. For you have many areas in which to apply your creative skills.


如果你现在决定不去创造会给予你喜悦的,你可能会问自己为什么 --- 本质上和品酒师或酒保品酒前清洗味蕾差不多。因为你有许多的领域可以应用你创造性的能力


First, you have to decide what creation will provide you with the most joy. And within that parameter, what seems to be missing in your personal joy experience?




That answer is your focus for today, tomorrow and until you create that piece. For until you do, you will have difficulties discovering your true inner joy. Then and only then, is it time for you to move to another creation.




This is not about saving the world. What gives you joy? Or perhaps more to the point for this message, what is subtracting from your joy? That is your current creation need.




Focus, expect and so it will be. Amen.






Brenda Hoffman112日《做梦还是现实?》

翻译:Nick Chan




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