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I am your Father and Mother. You have come forth out of dust from my hand. I have given you many gifts and you have a particularly unique gift that fits into this life or in another life. The Universe is large and the gift might be meant for another purpose in another era. The gifts which are available to you now when the light has returned to your Earth is your telepathic ability to communicate with your higher self, your guides and me your Father/Mother. You can also see beyond and discern a world that up now only has existed in your dreams. These strong visions now also exist in your conscious mind and not only in your dreams. You start to get to know your talents and your creative sides are under development and are starting to manifest in the world you live in.


我是你的父亲和母亲。你从我手中的尘埃而来。我给予了你许多的礼物,你有着一个独特的礼物来融入这个生世或其他的生世。宇宙是巨大的,礼物可能意味着另一个时代中的另一个目的。礼物现在可供你使用,当光返回地球,也就是你与更高自我,指导,我你的父亲 / 母亲心灵感应交流的能力。你还能遥视,辨别到现在只存在于你梦中的世界。这些强烈的愿景现在还存在于你有意识的头脑中,而不只是在梦中。你开始了解你的天赋,你的创造性正在发展,正开始在你生活的世界显化


You have grown my dear children on Earth. You have grown and you have come a step on the way in your transformation. You do not see it as clearly as I and my coworkers do, but it is true nevertheless. It is a big step that now has been taken on Earth and it has opened up for larger influx of light. It will transform many a heart that now are opening up for the light portal in their hearts. Earth will receive a larger push forward and your lives are now facing many changes. These are changes that help you along in your inner and outer developments. Everything goes from the inner do the outer dear children on Earth. At first it will grow inside you and then comes the results of an outer manifestation.




It is important to be grounded at this time – to have the feet deep down in Mother Earth and feel the stability in the body. You get help from the body in these days so listen to it – it knows what you need. This can be anything from food, rest, sleep or something fun and joyful that you want to do. It is important to be in oneself for a while each day in order to gather force and inspiration from one’s own heart and soul. It is your heart that you need to follow now. It leads you forward on the path that is best for you to walk. If you have too much resistance within you to follow the path of your heart you can encounter some difficult obstacles as the light now puts a stop to other paths that do not lead to the light. Thus, I guide you children to listen and to listen carefully to the heart that now is seeking you out and trying to get you to choose the path of the light. It is the path that leads you home back to those that you originally were/are.


此刻稳固很重要 --- 牢牢地站稳脚跟,感到稳定性。在这些天你会得到身体的帮助,所以聆听它 --- 它知道你需要什么。可以是食物,休息,睡眠或你想要去做的有趣的事情。每天处于自身之中一会儿很重要,为了聚集力量和灵感,来自心和灵魂的。现在你需要跟随自己的心。它会引领到达最适合你的道路。如果你有太多的阻力去跟随你心的道路,你会遭遇一些困难的障碍,随着光制止并不领向光的其他道路。因此,我指引你去聆听,仔细聆听内心,现在正寻求你,试图让你选择光的道路。这个道路会引领你回归最初的家


Mother Earth has started to ascend and there is no other way for you to go if you want to ascend with Mother Earth. There are other planets to continue on if you do not want to raise up into the light, but Mother Earth is relentlessly ascending into her own light. If you want to come along with her you will have to choose the light in your own heart. It is your choice dear children on Earth, but I stand with open arms to welcome you home if you so choose. I look forward to a dear reunion and the joy is great for all of those who already have chosen and started to walk along the path that leads home – home to the light, to all sisters and brothers that wait there. It is a great moment that has arrived on Earth. It is grand and solemn moment for the reunion of many sisters and brothers from near and afar. It will be a blessed time of great joy and love that this reunion will give. My heart is beating for you and I hope that you choose to leave the dark in favor of the light. It is time to come home now dear children on Earth. It is time to come home now…. We have waited for a long time for you and we love you so much. We look forward to a reunion in the near future.


地球母亲已经开始扬升,如果你想要和地球母亲一起扬升,就没有其他的路可走。有着其他的星球可以去继续,如果你不想要提升到光中,但地球母亲会无情地扬升到自身之光中。如果你想要一同前往,你必须在心中选择光。这是你的选择,亲爱的孩子们,但我张开双臂欢迎你回家如果你这么选择。我期待着亲爱的团聚,喜悦会是巨大的,对于那些选择并开始行走回家道路的人 --- 回归光,所有的兄弟姐妹在那等待着你。现在是伟大的时刻。这是宏伟,庄严的时刻,遥远和近距离兄弟姐妹的团聚。这个团聚会给予巨大的喜悦和爱。我的心为你跳动,我希望你选择离开黑暗,朝向光。是时候回家了,亲爱的孩子们。是时候回家了 ... 我们等待你很长时间了,我们非常地爱你。我们期待着在不远的将来的团聚


All my love I give to You.




Father/Mother God.




父母神 20171106 稳固

通灵:Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan



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