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Any time, Any place





Meditation has nothing to do with time or place. Rather, it has something to do with you, you inner space. So whenever you are free of the day-to-day routine, relax and allow it to happen. It can happen any place, any time, because it is montemporal and nonspatial.




The right meditation knows no limitation, and slowly, slowly the flow becomes more and more conscious. Then whatever you are doing remains on the surface;deep down, the river goes on flowing.




Even in the marketplace, surrounded by all kinds of turmoil, you are utterly silent. Even when somebody is insulting you, offending you ,trying to provoke you, deep down there is a calmness; something remains undisturbed.




Even when there are a thousand and one distractions, at the center nothing is distracted. But that meditation cannot be managed by the mind; it can only be allowed by the heart.


即便有一千零一种干扰,你的中心也丝毫不受干扰 / 纹丝不动。但静心是头脑搞不定的,它只能被心所允许。


This moment is meditation-it is here! You have not done anything for it to happen; it is happening on its own. In this moment there is no time. In this moment you are transported. In this moment you can feel that quiet, that serenity,that transcendence.


当下 / 此刻就是静心——它就在此时此地!你未做任何事让它发生,它是自行发生的。此刻没有时间。此刻你被送入了佳境。此刻你能感受到那份安宁,那份宁静,那份超然。





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