原创 2017-09-28 阿达马 新纪元扬升之光

Adama via AnnDahlberg, September 27th, 2017




I am Adama  who sends greetings to all people on Earthtoday. It is an honor for me to be able to talk to you and to acknowledge thatthe time for us coming together is near. We on Telos have long been preparingto welcome you back to the light and that we one day would meet as sisters andbrothers again. It has been hard for humanity to wake up, but now we can seethat you are making great progress and nobody can be happier than us. Our largeTemple of Jade on Telos is still there and it is open for all to enter and todo it together with your guides during meditations or during some nocturnaljourney. It is a healing Temple that can heal your physical, mental andemotional patterns and this can give you a large push forward in yourdevelopment. We will work with you there so that your body after a while willfeel lighter and cleaner. You will also receive more insights and yourbeautiful habits will possibly also change. This is so that your ascension willbecome as easy and good as possible. I just wanted to step forward today sothat you will understand that you will have that opportunity and that there aremany paths to follow in order to find oneself and to get a little extra help onthe way. We know you history and have worked with our ascension exactly as youare doing now. We have large resources that we can use to help you with yourascension.




The free will has always been respected, but as it looks now on Earththere are many souls that are awake and are on their way to wake up. They seekthe guidance within themselves and here we on Telos can be of great help as weare not far away. We know your difficulties and what you have battled with.Send a thought about guidance to us and we will be right there by your side.There are many of us among you now. Some are visible, most of the invisible –you just need to stretch out your hand and we will so gladly take it. We havebuilt up a beautiful world during the thousands of years that have passed sinceour dear Lemuria sank, so we have much experience and technology that we canhelp you with. We wish nothing more than to collaborate with your dear brothersand sisters and as the consciousness is raised on Earth this possibility isapproaching. This is why we have opened up the portals to the Temple of Telosso that you will be able to heal yourself and move forward with the task youtook upon yourself when you came down to Earth this time.




The heavy energy has made it hard for you to wake up. Your bodieshave also not received the nourishment it needs so that you had to work againstthe wind. Father/Mother God has now given you a helping hand by opening up fora stronger light that now shines on Earth. This light has gotten many souls toshrug and wish to become part of their own ascension. It now warms our heartsthat humanity has taken a collective decision to ascend now. It gives a greatexpectation about a meeting between our worlds that soon will take place. Wefollow intensively everything that is happening on the surface of the Earthtoday. We gladly help you, so call on us and we will see what we can help you with.You are our brothers and sisters and we just as many of you long for yet againbringing our worlds together to a large unit of love and light.



I amAdama and I sent my greetings to you today.

Much lovefrom Telos/Adama







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