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“问候亲爱的家人!如果你以前不了解,那么现在感受一下正在发生的转变- 它正每时每刻,每一毫秒都成倍的在增强。这不是意外!这正是它需要的方式。这趋势将不断增加,就像倒下的多米诺骨牌,这个景象- 世界各地倒下的多米诺骨牌- 我们想让你们明白这不仅是在美国。

Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well!  If you didnt know it before, feel the shifting thats going on right now its exponentially increasing in every moment, in every nano-second as you measure time.  And this is no accident!  This is exactly the way that it needs to proceed.  Momentum is to be continually increasing, like the dominoes falling, picture that the veritable cascade of falling dominoes all over the World not just in the United States of America, and we want to make that very clear.



“是的,我们决定在自由女神像旁边展现一艘飞船,有相关照片,因为这是象征着地球将要前进的方向。不仅如此,还有“把你的苦难交给我,把你的贫穷交给我,等等”(译者注:诗人爱玛•拉扎露丝(Emma Lazarus )为自由女神写的十四行诗)听起来只是亲切但并没有意义的话。我们正在谈论的是把这些话变成现实!我们正在谈论让自由女神像成为一个全世界的象征,代表着自由与和平的高频率,以及所有那源于爱的。 

Yes, we chose to show a ship in conjunction with the Statue of Liberty and there will be pictures of that, because that is symbolic of where Planet Earth is going to.  Its not just, you know, give me your wretched, your poor, etc., etc. just words that sound lovely but dont really have meaning.  Were talking about putting the Truth into those words!  Were talking about the Statue of Liberty becoming a Worldwide symbol, or representation, of the High frequencies of Freedom and Peace and all that springs from Love.  



“而且,我们说,它发自每个人的内心,经由团体散发出去,并联合起来,所以它不再是一个明亮的光网格,如果你去想象它,那画面就像是网格内部到处都是明亮的光- 不只是光点之间的连结。怎么样?是不是非常美?就是这样,亲爱的,这是我们看到的地球,因为它来到了第一个阶段- 但是这第一个阶段的确是进入更高的震动的重要的起点!

And were talking about it beginning within each and every Heart, and going out through the community and eventually joining, so its not a grid with bright Lights anymore, and if you want to visualize it, picture that grid filling in so that there are bright Lights everywhere not just connections between the Lights.  How does that look?  Is it not absolutely beautiful? Because that, Beloved Ones, is how we see Planet Earth as it reaches the first of many but the first real significant destination in the Higher vibrations!




 Now, we see it because its already happened.  Its multi-dimensional, you know.  And so it is that on the Higher levels its already a done deal, as you might say.  But we do understand that you have the limitations of the human perspective.  That is still very real, and a part of your reality.  What it is for you to do is to rise up and out of that, and as you do that, then, of course, you can take the World with you, as its consciousness rises!



“目前,即使意识已经提高了,还是有低的地方。我们想和你谈谈你们的观点。会有些不同- 我们只是说说从你的角度来看,那些有关你所看到接收到的世界上发生的信息。  无论你把注意力关注哪里,它都会改变和转变!

Now, even when consciousness is High, there have been some dips and drops.  We want to talk to you about your perspectives. There are different lets just say locations of perspective from which you can view or assimilate information about whats going on in the World.  And this is wherever you want to place your focus in every moment, so it changes and shifts!!!



“但现在,如果你想观察3D 中发生了什么,我们真的建议你从更高的角度去看,因为如果你不这样做,就如你知道的,很容易吸收到低能量。例如,你看到一些暴力的故事,这对你产生了什么影响?那么,如果你处在较高的视角,你会看着它,你说:“感谢,这是另一个机缘,可以看清什么地方是需要改变的”,不是“感谢”事件的发生,而是感恩有机缘看到什么需要改变!

But now, if you want to view what is going on in 3D, we really advise you to look at it from a Higher perspective, because if you dont, as you know, it is easy to get drawn in to the low energies. For instance, you see a story of some violence and what does that do for you?  Well, if youre in the High perspective, you look at it and you say, Thank goodness, this is another opportunity to see what needs to change, not thank goodness for the event that happened, but some Gratitude for the opportunity to see what there is to change!






On the other hand, you can get drawn into the low frequencies of it and bring in some fear into yourselves.  We dont recommend that, but its your choice.  And we are not judging, condemning or blaming in any sense of the word, wherever your focus happens to be because, as I have said, your focus is constantly changing.  That is, the focus that you are consciously aware of within your conscious beings.  So if you are taking yourselves up into Higher vibrations, you will have the same perspective upon these events as I, Ashtar, and all of the other ones of us who are not confined to the human bodies.  That makes you more powerful to empower the changes that need to be made!!!  Think about that!



  “当你在那更高振动的时候,你成为一个强有力的存在!你首先要承认的,是你的神性,或者你内心的爱与光,你可以运用它。让我们说一说你在屏幕上看到的,或者你读到的一些暴力的故事。你可以让自己处在高的意识境界中,通过自己的存在体,轻柔地发送爱与光,将爱与光发送给所有有关的人。并把我们需要做出改变的信息发送到整个世界!我们需要心连心地走到一起。我们需要加入到团体里,以使这些事件不再发生。还有另一种说法是,“让我们提升并摆脱这种3D 编程”,你要知道,这就像一个一直在延续的无止境的循环。

When you are in those High vibrations, you are a much more powerful being!  You are acknowledging, first of all, your Divinity, or the LoveLight within you, and you are in a position to utilize it.  Let us say that you do see something on your screens or you read something that is a story of violence.  You can temper it within your own beings by simply being in the High place enough to send the LoveLight through yourself and then send the LoveLight to everyone who is involved.  And send it out to the World with your message that we need to change this! We need to come together in our Hearts.  We need to join in Community so that these kinds of events do not happen anymore.  And thats another way of saying, Lets raise up and get out of this 3D programming, which is like an endless loop, you know.  Its been going on for eons of time. And we know that you are perfectly willing to be up, up and out of it!



  “所以让我们的能量联合起来实现它。我们已如此接近!例如,这个NESARA 公告是向着光迈进的一大步,那是在上面的高次元管理者在行星地球上的神圣的管理!我不是在这里向你建议,这将在一夜之间改变。但等一下!  它首先要做的是立即激发意识!  你可能听说过舒曼共振。我所说的这个是来测量意识的。NESARA 的公告将会得到各种响应。

So lets join together with these energies and accomplish it.  We are so close!  This NESARA Announcement, for instance, is a HUGE step upward forward, yes, into the Light, but upward in the sense of bringing Higher Dimensional Governance Divine Governance and all that that means to Planet Earth!  Im not here to suggest to you that this is going to change things overnight. But wait a minute!  What its going to do is immediately spike up the consciousness!!!  You may have heard of the Schumann Resonance.  Well, thats what Im talking about because that measures the consciousness.  And NESARAs Announcement is going to be met with a variety of responses.



“所以,亲爱的,让我们称你们为”地面人员“- 可以帮助”地球“为NESARA 的宣告做好准备,并在此刻保持高的意识!这给了它继续前进的强大的力量。那是种什么样的管理方式呢?回到爱,回家,扬升,回到一切神圣的治理世界的生活方式,再次强调NESARA 是黄金时代的大门的钥匙,如你所希望的。这是为了地球上的每个人,而不仅仅是美利坚合众国! 

And so, the more that you, Beloveds lets call you Ground Crew members can do to help prepare Planet Earth for NESARAs Announcement, the more the Consciousness will spike up and remain Higher than it is in this moment!!!  That gives it more power to keep on going.  And what is that empowering anyway? Well, the return to Love, the Homecoming, the Ascension, the Divine Governance in all matters of World Lifestyles, again emphasizing that NESARA is the official key to the door of the Golden Age, if you wish.  And its for everyone on Planet Earth, not just the United States of America!



“现在,这一概念已与一些事项关联,有些人称为GESARA ,这反过来,关联到金融投资–套汇–已成为了一种谋生方式,但不总是这样,因为所有的货币都要平等,更不会有赌博性质的股票市场等等伴随着NESARA 的到来!

Now, this concept has been tied to something that some are calling GESARA, and that, in turn, is tied to financial investments arbitrage which has been a way of life but will not be, because all currencies are going to be equal and there will be no more betting on the stock markets and so on and so on. Thats gone with NESARA!



“还有许多其他的,你们可能会称他们为需要被遵循和保持的秩序,它的反面是奴役等等。它已经结束了,我们不需要再它。那些会消失。  意识将会因为宣布而被激起。但它是赋予公告,这是我们的使命作为阿什塔尔的道路家庭!  所以我们邀请你从这个角度看待它,继续以任何方式或方式参与。继续提升自己,无论什么原因,记住这是最终你的目的地是你的生日权- 这就是为什么你进入这些身体- 到这一生!

And there are many, many other facts of life, as you might want to call them programs that have been followed and adhered to and, in turn, vehicles of enslavement and so on.  Weve been all over that.  We dont need to go into that again. Those are going to disappear.  The consciousness will spike up just because the Announcement gets made.  But its empowering the Announcement that is our Mission as Ashtar On The Road Family!!!  And so we invite you to look at it from that perspective and continue to participate in whatever way or ways you feel to do.  Continue lifting yourselves up for whatever reason, remembering that this is ultimately your destination which is your Birthright which is why you came into these bodies into this lifetime anyway!



“所以条条大道通黄金时代- 忘掉罗马现在是黄金时代!哦,如果你愿意,你可以去罗马观光,但在NESARA 的公告之后,它将会被大大的改变,并且处在更高的振动中,与世界各地的其他地方一样。你会进入我们为你准备的交通工具,环绕地球并超越!

So if all roads are leading to the Golden Age forget Rome go for the Golden Age!  Oh, you can visit Rome if you want to, but after NESARAs Announcement, its going to be greatly changed and in a much Higher vibration, as is every location Worldwide. And you will get up into the places where we will have transportation for you around Planet Earth and beyond!



“已经有了这种技术,你很清楚,在阿什塔尔司令部,我们会称之为”卓越的科技“。它不需要你去判断- 这是陈述的事实!因此,正如你所说,我们将能够在我们正式披露和承认之后,“推出”这项科技,还有许多其他的科技。  那一天即将到来,很快,在我们与世界各地的领导人见面的时候我们会显露自己,我们的存在的现实和我们的真正的意图正在被更多更多的人了解!

There is already that technology, and you are well aware of it And we, in the Ashtar Command, have what we will call superior technology.  This is not a judgment this is a statement of fact! And so we will be able to, as you might say, roll out this technology, and many others, as soon as we are officially disclosed and acknowledged.  And that day is coming very, very soon because as we decloak, or uncloak, as we meet with World leaders, the reality of our existence and our true intentions are becoming known to many, many more!!!




And so it is that we are becoming more and more acquainted with you.  There is a much Beloved Woman in San Francisco who has accepted the Mission of making not only our existence real, but our willingness, with eagerness, to connect and communicate and commune with you!  More about that later.



“在那时,当你想来的时候,到船上去,到桥上去。这里有你的一个登机证;你有赛科麦特飞船的登机证。来到你自己的船!坐在你的飞行员座位上。你可以帮助他们进入任何地方或者我可以说,无论是地球和人类以及所有盖亚母亲王国领域,因为会有很多很多的层面。你听到我们亲爱的记者* 谈论那些正准备前往5D 并可以来回的人,这是现实!让你的现实,越来越多!

In the meantime, come on up to the ships when you want to lift up, and come on up to the Bridge. You have a boarding pass here; you have a boarding pass to Sekhmets ship.  Come up to your own ships!  Sit in your pilots seats.  Do these things to help bring them in to wherever or I shall say whatever level Planet Earth and Humanity and all of Mother Gaias kingdoms are occupying, because there are many, many levels.  You heard our Beloved Reporters* talk about people who are going to and from 5D, going back and forth.  And this is reality!  Make it your reality, more and more!



“我们都可以呈现出光速光速飞行- 我们只是请你来扩展你的眼界,或者更开放。这是种内心的尝试。并且是你可以来到这里的关键。去看到、了解并感受到这里的一切,然后分享它。亲爱的,这是我们的使命!  而且随着公告的实施,我们会更多的证据!  乘着飞船,我们将带来了神奇的科技- 其中一些已经在这里!

And so we have all of these opportunities unfolding at Light speed Lighten-ing speed and we simply invite you to broaden your perspectives, or open them even more.  And this is a Heart-based kind of an endeavor.  And be all that you came here to be. And see and know and feel all that you came here for, and then share it.  That, Beloved Ones, is our Mission!  And we will be even more in evidence as these Announcements get made!!!  And along with the ships, we will be bringing wondrous technologies some of them are already here!



“而且我们已经进行了重大的放射性和毒性的清理等等,特别是化学物质。是的,他们可能会释放化学药品,但是我们正在把这些中和,我会说,是大量的,或者是按照时间的百分比通常如此!仍然有必要需要保留一些证据,如果你知道我在说什么,但是在大多数情况下,我们会中和它们。所以做好你该做的,清除任何你在3D 程序残留的程式,让我们一起飞翔!  我们以最神圣的方式感谢在这个聚集里所有的人- 祝福你们在高振动中快乐飞翔!就是这样。Salut !”

And we, ourselves, are already participating in major clean-ups, of radioactivity and toxicities and so on and so on chemtrails in particular. Yes, they may be putting the chemtrails out, but we are neutralizing their contents in, I shall say, large numbers, or  percentage of the time more often than not!  It is still necessary to leave some evidence intact, if you know what Im saying, but for the most part, we are neutralizing.   So do your part. Clear out whatever youve got in the way of 3D program residues and lets fly together!!!  And so we thank you all for being here in this Gathering most Divine High vibes and happy flying to all!  And so it is.  Salut!



 Ashtar: “Come Fly with Us to Help Raise the Consciousness!”

Ashtar On The Road Conference Call – April 25, 2017


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