Can you feel these powerful incoming energies?




The earth alliance is reporting that pleiadian light forces fired multiple,40-hertz,5d,gamma light blasts into the 3d matrix over the last several earth days,for the purpose of clearing away massive amounts of 3d and 4d astral debris from the surface!


地球联盟报告说,昴宿星人的光部队在过去几个地球日里发射了多次, 40 赫兹, 5d ,伽马射线进入三维矩阵,目的是清除地表上大量的三维和四维星体碎片!


This low-vibrational energetic debris has been present on earth for several hundred thousand years and light forces report that only small traces are remaining now!


Recent transformational events on the surface have greatly aided in eradicating this dense energy for good!


这个低振动的能量碎片已经在地球上存在了几十万年,光力报告说现在只剩下很小的痕迹了 ! 最近地表上發生的轉變事件,極大地幫助了永久地根除這緻密的能量 !


Energy levels are super high right now and levels are expected to rise throughout the weekend!




The sun also reacting to these cosmic beams as a recent cme will make contact with the earth over the coming hours and earth's magnetic field is taking a pounding tonight as this barrage of 5d cosmic light makes contact with the planet!


太阳也对这些宇宙光做出反应,因为最近一次的日冕物质抛射,将在未来几个小时内与地球接触,地球的磁场在今晚受到重击,因为这个 5 维宇宙光的弹幕与地球接触!


Ascension symptoms are currently in an elevated state and starseeds all around the planet are reporting moderate to strong symptoms as these high frequency,5d light beams make contact with the layered human body system!


扬升症状目前处于升高状态,全球所有的星际种子都报告有中度到强度的症状,因为这些高频率的 5 维光与多维的人体系统接触 !


The new energies of may 2020 are already triggering one of the largest planetary DNA upgrades we have witnessed to date!


2020 5 月的新能量已經觸發了,迄今為止我們所見證的,最大的行星 DNA 升級之一!


The pleiadians want to remind you that earth is in the midst of a grand planetary transformation still and as big changes continue to sweep the planet,a bit of chaos is the natural result!


昴宿星人想要提醒你们,地球仍然处在一个巨大的行星转变之中,随着巨大的变化继续席卷这个星球,一点点混乱是自然的结果 !


We can tell you that after a short time,this chaos will settle and vanish for good!




As all of this continues to transpire in the grand year of 2020,do not get lost in it,have great hope,and trust the divine plan!


当所有这一切在 2020 伟大的一年继续发生时,不要迷失在其中,拥有伟大的希望,并相信神圣计划!


We promise you that everything is right on track and all is as it should be!




Remember,humanity is on a different time-line than you are at the moment,so for now,focus on your timeline!


记住,人类的时间线和你现在的时间线是不同的,所以现在,专注于你的时间线 !


They still cannot see what you see yet but in time they will all come up to where you are!


他们仍然不能看到你所看到的,但是他们迟早都会来到你所在的地方 !


Allow them to be where they are,but again keep your focus on what you came to earth to do!




Know that in the natural course of this great planetary change,they will all come up a bit higher!




We counsel you to take spiritual time out from it all,once again,to slow down,be still and go inside!


我們建議你們從這一切中抽出心灵的時間,再一次,放慢腳步,安靜下來,進入內心 !


Meditate and connect back to the source of all that is!This is where you will find the strength and peace you may need during this great time!




It is truly a magnificent time to be alive on planet earth as we move ever closer the great event 2020 culmination!


这确实是活在地球上的一个辉煌时刻,因为我们越来越接近 2020 年大事件的高潮!


Let us know below what ascension symptoms or major life changes you may be experiencing!




Take the best care of yourself as the energy ramps up this weekend and do all you can do to vibrate high!




Starseeds of earth,"activate!"


地球的星际种子, " 激活 !"






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