Act Now




Swift action is called for right now as the energy is ripe for manifestation.Use the powerful cycles of the earth's shifts as well as what is happening in the Universe.This is a powerful time to take the steps that are necessary for the abundance and growth you have been seeking and failure to heed this call may cause you to want to adjust your desired outcome or the length of time it will take for the desired outcome to occur.





As long as you are taking the steps each day that lead you closeryou are taking action.Some days those steps are small and some days they are big.When you are paying attention to the rhythm of the Universeit will enhance the results you receive.Learn to trust in yourself and your feelings and act when the time feels right for you.Don"t wait for others or spend time worrying about what else is going onjust charge aheadfrontward focusedand follow your guidance.





Affirm: "I trust in the flow of the Universe to help in the creation of the manifestations that are important for my earth experience."





And so it is





You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides





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