Om tare tuttare ture soha


Greetings and Salutations on this Day - this Auspacious Day celebrating the Divinity of the 21 Forms of Tara - Mother of all Buddhas.18/8/18 // 9/8/9


问候,致敬,在这个吉祥的日子,庆祝泰拉 21 个形态的神性 --- 所有佛的母亲


Om Mani Padme Hum


I am sitting in my Sacred Space with Horus connecting up to my Higher Self and my Team... I connect with the vibration of Guan Yin and the 21 Forms of Tara and I bring forth a message from the Vibration of Tara at this hour.


与荷鲁斯一起安坐于我神圣的空间,与我的更高自我和团队连接 ... 我连接上了观音以及泰拉 21 个形态的振动,我带来了一则来自泰拉振动的信息


Brethen on this day I bring homage to you all at this hour. For I have come far and wide to bring blessings on to thee my children.




Enlightenment and illumination is coming forth to humanity as we work with you all at this time to raise consciousness amongst the people.




My dear children behold upon thy hand the Lotus Flower and look upon it... What do you see... Purity .


我亲爱的孩子们,请看你手上的莲花,看向它 ... 你看到了什么 ... 纯洁


The Mastery of this Ascension Process itself is Purity. We ask you to embrace this Virtue of Purity within your lives within your hearts and with your everyday living...




For this is the very basis of the Ascension, the basis of Love, the basis of Harmony, the basis of Truth.




The cycle of the Sun and the cycle of the Moon hath been abundant dancing together in the starry sky for this is the sign that the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are embracing each other once more in Divine Harmony and Divine Oneness - Balance has been achieved.


太阳和月亮的周期在满天星尘中起舞,因为这是神圣的阳性和神圣的阴性再次在神圣的和谐与合一中拥抱彼此的迹象 --- 平衡已被取得


It is now time dear children to call upon the space of Self Love and to bring that space within your hearts, know dear children that each and everyone of you is loved and cherished beyond measure.




I embrace you with my many forms to bring you love, abundance, healing and connectivity.




I connect you all now with the Portal of Light that has now activated from the God Star Sirius A.


伴随着现在从神之星(天狼星 A )激活的光之门户我与你们连接


I leave you with peace and love.




I AM TARA and I speak through Elaine this day


我是泰拉,今天我通过 Elaine 说话



翻译:Nick Chan



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