Divine Mother says, dear ones, I am your Divine Mother. On this day, I have come forward to deliver a message to you. In doing so, I hope that you all can get the message.




In this ascension journey, I have found that the human aspect of my children, is so ingrained that it is hard to remember that you are only partially human. You are angelic in spirit, and body in human form. And yet, the spirit of my angels are often being overshadowed by the human aspect. As result, there are massive numbers of light workers who are currently walking in a human form, and yet can not seem to follow their spiritual path. Some are, but not consistently. So, the result of that is the Divine plan gets constantly changed.




The reason I have to change the Divine plan so often is because some of our dear light workers, who are supposed to be in positions which are critical for Gaia, are not able to or simply not making it to their posts. So, the Divine has to delay the plan and playing the waiting game.




Now, since the last time I changed the Divine plan, a few light workers finally made it to their designated positions, which is good news. That being said, we still have a majority of the critical light workers who have not yet made it to their positions, and that has to change.




So, I have told the Divine team that we don't want to sit and wait any longer. Let's move on. Let's fill these positions with the light workers who have arrived, who made it by themselves. That way, the Divine plan can begin moving again. And our newly arrived light workers can be utilized. It is a win/win situation. As for the light workers who didn't make it to their destinations, Divine is going to figure out what to do with them when they arrive at the 5th dimension later. But for now, I have ordered the Divine team to fill up the positions with ascended light workers, whether their designated post matches the current need or not. If not, I have asked the Divine team to train them so that they can pick up the duties quickly, and start the mission. So, by now, we have filled all the positions we deemed critical with newly arrived light workers. They are very enthusiastic and excited about their new mission. And Divine is very happy that we don't have to sit and wait any longer. All critical posts are indeed being filled. What a relief.




I love you my precious children on earth, I am your Divine Mother. In this critical moment of Gaia's ascension process, we, the Divine have repeatedly sent out callings for our light workers to ascend. Some of the light workers indeed heard the call, and ascended. But a majority of them, are still in the deep, and can take some where from months to years to ascend. I have told the Divine and the company of heaven, to let these light workers stay where they are. If they ascend, it will be a great help. If not, let's bring the new forces in. We need new forces so that we can move forward. At this point, we need our light workers to move forward, get Gaia's ascension going. We need to move forward with the Divine plan. Gaia is ready. Divine is definitely ready. So, let's move forward with our grand Divine plan. Let's bring in the new forces so that we will have enough help, and so the Divine plan can be fulfilled.




So, in the next couple of weeks or so, the Divine will bring in the teams of brand new ascension helpers. I have ordered those helpers to chip in, and come to help Gaia. In doing so, we will free up quite a lot of the first wavers, and even some second wavers who have not ascended yet, who will be released from their posts so that they can relax and focus on their own ascension. Once they ascend, I will have a chance to decide what their next step is. So, that is the decision I have made. And that is what the Divine and the company of heaven, will do.




I love you dear ones, I am your Divine Mother. In this ascension journey, I have learned so much about my children, and so much about this journey on earth. It is interesting to know that my children on earth are somehow forgetful. They not only often forget who they are themselves, but also forget that I am their Divine Mother. Looking into their eyes and their souls, the only thing I can say is that they are lost. And that has broken my heart over and over. It is such a sad situation here on earth. Even my beloved archangels, sometimes, get lost and can not recognize their Divine Mother. What a tragedy.




Good thing is now I am here. The Divine and the company of heaven, are here. We have decided to finally bring every one home, no exceptions, each and everyone of my children. We, the Divine will do whatever it takes to make sure all of my children ascend, along with Gaia. We all will go home. together. We bring humanity to a higher realm, and bring Gaia home. And that is the goal. And we will make it happen. Regardless what is at stake, we will bring our children home. I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace dear ones.




通灵:Linda Li

翻译:Nick Chan




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