Dear Ones,




You have been a god/goddess of creation since your Universal inception. And it is those of you with Universal creation abilities who are the forerunners of this transition.


从你入梦以来你一直都是创造之神 / 女神。你们那些有着创造能力的人是这个转变的先驱


Perhaps those statements cause you to wonder why only a small portion of Universal beings are creation entities for you believe anyone of 5D or beyond can create what they wish. Such is so but not in the way you think.


也许这些话语让你思考,为什么只有一小部分的存在是创造实体,因为你认为任何 5D 或其上的人都能创造他们所希望的。确实,但不是如你所想的那样


Some Universal beings, such as yourself, are Olympic creation stars. Others merely follow what you report to the totality.




You are similar to 3D technology creators.


 你就像 3D 科技的创造者


After a few created the personal computer, many others designed applications and software to fulfill the needs of those interested in those technologies. Without the basic technology, there would be no need for applications or software.




You forerunners are the creators of a specific piece or entity and those following enhanced those creations with pieces you were not interested in creating.




So it is you forerunners created the earth and other planets upon which many Universal entities shifted, perfected, played with, and changed to the extent you felt a need to return to redesign your original earth.




Now you are at a loss for you have completed that 5D earth shift. So it is you are moving beyond your creation scope in ways you have not previously.


现在你很茫然,因为你已经完成了 5D 地球的转变。所以你在你之前没有过的方式中超越你的创造范畴


Your being is undergoing much the same process as those just awakening. Knowing you wish to do something more – which you decided, en masse, when you chose not to exit earth after you built the New Age bridge.


你的存在正在经历和那些刚觉醒的人差不多的进程。知晓你希望做更多 --- 你们集体决定,在建立新时代桥梁后不离开地球


Your need to remain of the earth in this lifetime was your inner-directive to expand your creation abilities from the large to minutia. Now you are at a loss about your next step. Not because you are unskilled, but because this role is so new to you.




Your purpose, your role is to expand your creation skills far beyond anything you ever have. For just as the earth is evolving, so are you. Your earth shifts are Universal shifts.




Many of your forerunner friends, relatives, and media stars opted to leave before undergoing this phase for they decided to continue as large creation entities. You are more like Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. For not only did you create the new box that is now earth – with the assistance of earth for the earth is also now a creation entity as of its 3D to 5D shift – you are creating the pieces that fit within the box.


许多先驱的朋友、亲戚和媒体明星选择在这个阶段前离去,因为他们决定继续作为巨大的创造实体。你就像史蒂夫·乔布斯,苹果公司的创始人。因为你不仅创造了新的盒子,就是地球 --- 伴随着地球的协助,因为地球也是一个创造实体,从 3D 转变到 5D--- 你在创造适合那个盒子的碎片


Some of you are undecided – do you move forward with new creation skills or do you end your creation activity before doing so? There is no right answer. Nor will ending your creation activity end your earth life.


你们一些人还未决定 --- 你要伴随着新的创造技能前进还是在这么做之前结束你的创造活动?没有正确的答案。也不会结束你创造的活动和地球的生命


But most likely, you are excited about the possibilities of what comes next. If you are in that group, you are or soon will be discovering new creation skills.




Some of you pooh-pooh that concept for you are not excited about anything. Does that mean you will exit earth? Or merely that you have not yet discovered something exciting?




 It is the latter. For you have practiced and practiced to go beyond your planet creation skillset. Your new goal is creating within 5D earth.


 是后者。因为你在练习和实践超越尘世的创造技能。你新的目标是在 5D 地球中创造


Perhaps you question why so many need to be addressing new processes, structures, thoughts, and feelings of the earth? Such is so because all of you of earth at this time wish to expand your skills in new and different directions.




Throughout our years of journeying together via this channeled blog, we have stated many times that as you evolve so do the Universes. You are now discovering the accuracy of that statement.




Perhaps you wonder why we are seemingly belittling your planet creation skills. Such is so because you are bored with creating the same planet shells over and over just as would be true for any relatively easy earth activity.




You forerunners are becoming excited about something you likely cannot yet pinpoint. You will decipher that excitement in a dream or other means that rev up your new skills for adventure.




For now, most of you are moving into this exciting phase with little or no indication what that means for you. Allow that to be as you awaken your new skills.




Perhaps you will find joy in creating new structures within society; something mechanical or scientific; new music or artwork; or something to enhance nature. It does not matter for you are learning how and where you wish to expand your creation skills. All of which will combine to create the heaven on earth you long dreamed of.




 The difference is in this life you do not expect other entities to perfect your creation.




If such is so, who will create new planets, new Universal areas? Those following you. The Universes are a learning/evolving center for all.


如果是这样,谁来创造新的星球,新的区域?那些跟随你的人。大众是一个学习 / 进化的中心


Allow yourself to know you never stop evolving as is true for every Universal being. So it is this transition is not about repetition but evolution and expansion of all. So be it. Amen.




翻译:Nick Chan



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