There is not one spiritual path but many




There are many paths up the mountain and many trails on each path that lead you to the flow and growth that you desire to create for yourself and your life.Accept where you are at this moment and celebrate it.Growth is good but sometimes can be painful.Accept yourself and where you are as we are all one and connected to each otherregardless of the form or appearance.As you exercise self care you are also exercising care for your community and those around youWe are One.




Your angel guidance is to remember to forgive and love yourself and othersdo no fear.Both light and dark are necessary on the earth plane in order for you to experience the totality of being human and spirit and remembering your true self.There is light even in the darkest of nights and darkness in the lightest of lights.Accept this as a part of the cycle of life and part of understanding expansiondeeper thoughts and feelings.It helps to open your heart and your mind to moreto the newand to the wonders of everyday life.




Affirm: "I accept myselfmy choices and my path as what is right and best for me and also that which others choose for themselves.We are One.




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides




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