While we have wave after wave of high-impact Light flowing into us, one of the things that is impacting us is our perception. Our perception of ourselves and all things on Earth is shifting. Everything is new and unfamiliar. Observe it all with Compassion and understand what is happening, without the need to cling to the old, familiar way. It’s best to not put it in a box for contemplation; let it flow. In your Silence, you know. The chains that bind you to the old are dissolving. Pay attention to when you receive Truth. Each has their own way of doing this…some have goosebumps; some have expansion around the Heart and some vibrate. Only you know the Truth. There is no right or wrong; there are only different choices. Some choices expand you; others limit you. Feel before you choose.


高冲击光一波连着一波的流经我们,觉察力(悟性)对我们影响深远。 我们对自己和地球上所有事物的看法一直处在不断变化之中。 一切都是新鲜并陌生的。 用慈悲观照一切,了解正在发生的事情,而非固执坚守旧有熟悉的观念。 最好不要就一个问题陷入头脑沉思 ; 让意识流动。 在静默中,你获得答案。 束缚着你的旧式链条正在消融。留意你了悟真理时的身体感受: 每个人都有自己独特的感知方式,有些人会起鸡皮疙瘩 ; 有些人心脏扩张,有些人会振动。 只有你知道真相。 没有对错 ; 只是不同的选择。 有些选择拓展你 ; 另一些则会制约你,请跟随内心,做出选择。


Realize that any perceived obstacles can be seen as opportunities; they can clear you of old and expand you in ways unbeknownst to you. There may be times in which you question the validity of the New. You may experience times in which you don’t feel connected to anything or anyone. You are always connected. When you feel disconnected it may be that you are releasing an old belief of separation. Even when someone seems to have different beliefs from you, you are still connected to them. Be still and listen without judgment. You know who you are; you needn’t convince others of a way you resonate with. In fact, when someone shows you how they perceive something that is different from how you feel and you become defensive, you are giving your Power to them!


意识到任何能感知到的困境都可以视作机会 ; 种种障碍有助于你摆脱旧有模式,并以不为人知的方式扩展你。 有时你可能会质疑新认知的有效性;有时可能你会缺少和人事物的连接。你在大多数时候处于连接状态,因此任何的非连接状态都是一个信号,提醒你,你在释放一个分裂的旧有模式。即使有时看起来他们不信任你,你和他们仍然处于连接状态。静定下来,没有评判的倾听。你知道自己是谁,你没必要通过与他人共振的方式让他们感受到你。事实上,当他人对人事物的认知方式与你不同,并且你因此变得警觉时,你能让自己的能量外流向他们。


The energy continuously becomes stronger. This can feel exhilerating and threatening all at the same time. Stay firmly in the middle; not attaching to either. Be the Observer. This moves you through. Once you are fully anchored in Love (The New), even when you are thinking negatively, your Love trumps negativity and aligns you with Love. Love (Source) is radiated outward by you. Of course, when you are thinking loving thoughts, it empowers the Love that emits from within you. Don’t think this is an excuse to only think negatively; for that surely is not the way to evolve or receive the Truth.


能量不断变强,兴奋感与畏惧感并存。 请坚定地站在中间 ; 不依附于任意一方。 做一名观察者,这有助于你在能量流中安然自若。 一旦你完全沉浸在爱(新的)中,即使你在消极地思考,你的爱也会胜过消极情绪并使你与爱保持一致。 爱(源)由你向外辐射。 当然,当你在思考爱时,爱的想法会为你的内在力量赋能。不要以消极思考为借口 ; 因为那肯定不是接近或接收真理的途径。


Now more than ever it is essential to put into practice being Love. Go deeply into everything you experience. This includes doing this with all your senses. As you are being Love, smell what that smells like, what it feels like and what it looks like. As your Sensitivity grows, you will go deeper into everything you say, do and feel and what others say and do. Your experiences will be richer.


现在比以往任何时候都更需要明白将爱付诸实践的必要性。 深入探知你体验的一切,请调动一切感官来体验。 当你在爱中时,闻一闻,感受下,观察它。 随着你敏感度的增长,你会更深入地了解自己的所说、所做、所感以及别人的言行。 你的经历会更丰富。


A tsunami of energy is flowing to Earth now. It’s a great time to decide what direction you choose to go in. This is not a time to stand idly by, but to put into action all of who you are; even if it’s just a decision…it moves the energy in the direction you choose to go in and integrates it. First, intuit what is expansive for you and then take a step in that direction. It doesn’t have to be huge; even clearing out a drawer moves the energy in the direction you want to go…if you are pondering a move. If you want your business to grow, set your intentions in that direction and align your intention with the energy. Just by being Love, you set your course. By focusing on your consciousness by having loving thoughts and feelings, you move in the direction of your decisions. Marketing and advertising are the old way. You attract all through your consciousness. Resist labeling yourself. Instead, make a list of your gifts. You are not a teacher, an empath, a healer, a mother, a father, or anything; you are much more than any label you assign to yourself. Labels limit; owning your gifts expand.


现在,能量潮正流向地球。这是决定你选择进入哪个方向的好时机。现在不是袖手旁观的时候,而是将你是谁、你想成为什么人都付诸实践的时候 ; 即使只是一个决定 ...... 这种行动也有助于能量向你选择进入的方向移动并整合它。首先,凭着直觉感受什么在拓展你,然后向那个方向迈出一步。它不一定是多么巨大的举动 ; 如果你在考虑要做点什么,那么即使是清理抽屉也有助于能量朝你想去的方向移动。如果你希望自己的业务增长,请将你的意图设定在这个方向,并将你的意图与能量结合起来。只是通过爱,你设定你的路线。通过拥有爱的思想和爱的感受来专注于你的意识,能量就会朝着你决定方向的前进。营销和广告是旧的方式。你通过意识吸引一切。拒绝贴标签式的自我设限,相反,我们应列出自己的天赋。你不是老师,同情者,治疗师,母亲,父亲或其他任何 ; 你远比你为自己贴的任何标签(社会角色)伟大。贴标签限制;拥有天赋拓展。


Because this huge wave of energy is upon us, anything that limits you is exposed; be it family issues, old patterns or belief systems…or all of the above. Anything you are fearful of most likely will surface as well. Self-doubt, ancestral karma, self-loathing and judgment all surface. Why? To release so that you may be more Love. Old wounds may surface mentally, emotionally and physically. If you feel exhausted and weary, let it be. Remember that you are not your programming. You need not fit into the illusion of magazine models or even the more popular spiritual ideas. Feel what resonates within your Heart and pay no attention to negative self-talk. I remind you also that there is no us and them; this is separation at its lowest. We are all One.


因为这巨大的能量浪潮正流经在我们的身体,任何限制你的东西都暴露在外 ; 无论是家庭问题,旧模式还是信仰系统 ...... 或者以上所有。 任何你最害怕的东西都会浮出水面。 自我怀疑,祖先的业力,自我厌恶和判断都浮出水面。 为什么?释放旧有限制会让你更有爱。旧的伤口可能在精神上,情感上和身体上都有表现。 如果你感到疲惫厌烦,允许其如是就好。 请记住,你不是你的编程。 你不需要融入杂志模特的幻觉,甚至你也不是更受欢迎的精神思想。感受内心的共鸣,不要注意消极的自我对话。 我也提醒你,没有我们和他们 ; 这是最低的分离。我们是一。


There is much that is untrue. It’s important to pay attention to your own Discernment and not follow anything or anyone that tends to tell you how to feel, act or think. If you find yourself experiencing any of the above (or other experiences), be with it before you release. Don’t resist, for that only attaches you to these old limiting things and it goes right back into your subconscious to replay again and again. As you just let it be, it loosens its grip and then it’s easier to let it/them go. Be sure to not blame someone else for your experiences; take full Responsibility, for you have created it all. This is not judgment; it is how it is.


很多事是不真实的。 重点是相信自己的辨别力,不要轻信任何告诉你该怎样感受,行动或思考的人。 如果你发现自己遇到上述任何一种情况(或其他经历),在释放掉这些情绪前请先好好的和它们相处。不要抗拒,因为那只会把你带回这些旧有的限制性事物上,然后你的潜意识会一次又一次地重复运作这些旧有模式。 如果你允许它们如其所是的存在,它们就会自行松开对你的抓取,它们会更容易的离开。记得一定不要将自己的经历归罪于他人 ; 要学会承担全部责任,因为你创造了一切。 这不是一种看法 ; 它就是这么回事。


When you practice Gratitude, you evolve. When you stay in the Moment and are mindful, you evolve. When you meditate, not only are you in Gratitude, but you are in the Moment. Meditation helps you stay in the Heart and it quiets the mind. It is truly transformative. Breathe. Meditation helps you evolve.


当你练习感恩时,你会进化。 当你保持临在和觉知时,你会进化。 当你冥想时,你不仅在感恩中,亦处于临在中。 冥想可以帮助你安守自心,平静头脑。 这是具有变革性的。呼吸,冥想可以帮助你进化。


With the huge energies that are flowing, big changes occur; with or without your conscious help. Make changes before they are forced on you (or at least it seems that way). The Earth also experiences this (notice the fires, volcanoes, weather, melting, etc.) It’s all Transformation. There is a potential also for new Blueprints to anchor for those who have done their work. Our bodies continue to adjust to holding so much Light. We have been merging our physical bodies with your Souls (Lightbodies). It takes accepting right where we are and all that is occurring, as well as being open and neutral (non-attached). This helps us hold a high frequency. We are energy. Energy fluctuates; sometimes it’s high; sometimes low. We are like a river. We flow sometimes fast and sometimes slow. We sometimes rest in eddies and boulders don’t stop us; we transmform them. We provide for other lifeforms and sometimes get so full, we overflow with emotion, Love and feelings. We take others along for an adventure.


随着巨大的能量流动,巨大的变化发生了;无论有没有你的意识帮助。在能量强加于你之前做出改变(或者至少看起来像这样)。地球也正在经历同样的情形(看看火灾,火山,天气,融化等)。这都是转型。新蓝图还有可能为那些完成工作的人提供锚定。我们的身体继续适应持有如此多的光。我们一直在将你的身体与你的灵魂(光体)合并。它需要接受我们所处的位置以及正在发生的一切,以及开放和中立(非依附)。这有助于我们保持高频率。我们是能量。能量波动;它有时高,有时低。我们就像一条河。我们的流速时快时慢。我们有时在漩涡中休息,巨石不会阻止我们 ; 我们转变它们。我们供养其他生命,爱满自溢,当我们充满爱时,我们会以情感,爱和感情滋养万物,我们带领其他人一起踏上探险的旅程。


We shift our energy by what consciousness we have within. We attract and expand or we resist and limit our energy. We feel others and what energy they emit. When we use our Intuition; our feeling-sense; we are guided. When we ignore our Intuition, often we experience anxiety and fear. It’s ours; not anyone else’s. We may also close ourselves off from our guidance in order to fit in. When we ignore our Intuition, we strengthen separate ego. In the New , we trust our Intuition/Guidance, even though we can’t put it in a box or articulate it. It simply is. Fear locks us into separation and the old. Trust your Intuition always. Trust your Guidance always. Do not follow the status quo and those who may try to convince you it’s the only way.


我们通过内在的意识来转移能量。 我们吸引、扩大或是抵制、限制我们的能量。 我们感受到他人和他们所释放的能量。 当我们使用我们的直觉 ; 我们的感觉 ; 我们受到内心指导。 当我们忽视我们的直觉时,我们常常会感到焦虑和恐惧。 这是我们的 ; 不是别人的。 为了适应,我们也可能会脱离内心指导。当我们忽视我们的直觉时,我们会加强我们分裂的小我。 在新纪元,我们相信我们的直觉 / 内心指导,即使我们不能看见它或清晰地表达它。 它就在那里。 恐惧将我们锁在分离和旧的状态中。 始终相信你的直觉。 始终相信你内心的指导。 不要遵循现状和那些可能试图说服你的人,这是唯一的方法。


Be courageous; be the powerful and sovereign being you are.








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