Take inventory of your life


It is time for pausereflection and observation.Doing a life review offers profound healing.It is an opportunity to resolve to change or heal any area of your life that has been out of balance.An opportunity to allow growth and mastery on your journey as well as completing a cycle to usher in this new energy of creation.



Take that time to go withinask your angels to join with you and have a heart to heart discussionjournalthen release and forgive.


Your angel guidance is to keep your focus on the positivesee the gift from the experienceand trust in the beauty of your creations.Change is not always easybut as you growyou emerge into a new vibration of you.


Affirm: "As I review my lifeI can let go and see the gift from the experience and as I do I am ready to move on to something grander."


And so it is


You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels





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