Dear Ones,




You are incredibly versatile Souls - because of your “main job” as a Human Be-ing, you are living and leading a dual life as Human/Spirit, and because many of you still do not see the full magnificence of “who you truly are” you plod along in the old duality of 3rd Dimension whilst your Soul/Spirit is calling you into the 5th Dimension ever so gently, but firmly.




Your awakening increases daily and you oscillate from 3D/5D like a child in a play ground, choosing which piece of equipment to “play on” next. As you become more fully anchored and grounded you will spend more time in the luxurious state of 5D your New Earth Home. You may be finding it hard to “let go” of all that has served you/or even challenged you, because so much comfort is obtained in the old, painful “known” life.




TRUST that it is your time to fly - the caterpillar is truly becoming the butterfly.




Step off the precipice knowing you will land safely on the other side and that all your needs will be more than adequately met. YOU are Sovereign Beings of Light - and soon you will KNOW this without a shadow of a doubt.




Fly Dear Ones, freedom beckons you. Watch as the shackles fall from you, as you soar into the unknown - KNOWN.




You have got this Dear Ones, for YOU are the ones who instigated this timeline Earth change. YOU are the ones who knew you were capable of such great change and the Wisdom to navigate and instigate such.




This is a joint-venture Dear Hearts, YOU, the Galactics and ALL of the Light Beings gather nightly in the Dream State - your progress is reported, changes in the planning takes place - tweaking of strategies is a given.




Adjustments as to how your brothers and sisters are handling such changes are noted - amendments happen.




Sometimes slow and careful is the way, other times a “bolt of lightening” is required. Always by Agreement.




Dear Ones, what is unfolding daily - has your approval. As you leave the meeting/planning room each night you are carefully briefed on your role. However, still many times these meetings are “forgotten” as you return to the denseness. But not by your SOUL.




With all the Earthly/Geo-magnetic changes that are occurring your awareness is being reactivated and reignited. Sometimes you just KNOW what is required - all part of the remembrance.




Truly magical, incredible, unbelievable times are ahead for each of you.




YOU, reading and sharing these messages agreed to step out front and lead the way. It is encumber-ant on you, the Way-shower’s to hold your hands out to those still awakening from the deep slumber.




Those still awakening will be jolted up to find almost everything they believed to be true, NOT!!




This realisation will be shocking for many as they begin to see their whole life as a lie.




All is as it needs to be Dear Hearts and all by agreement. YOU came to experience duality - and you have - you came to find your way back to ONENESS AND YOU ARE.




YOU also chose to step out front for just such a time as this - you will be available to calm the waters, to reassure those experiencing their world crumbling and falling down like a house of STRAW. ALL will rebuild on the Sacred Ground of TRUTH AND LOVE.




Reach out your hand once more - even though it may have been pushed away in the past. Now your hand will be clung to like the life raft you are.




Dear Ones, all is in perfection.




Your I AM PRESENCE, stands tall with you - reach out to the I AM THAT I AM in your fellow Be-ings and watch as the magic unfolds.




And so it is.








通灵:Leslie-Anne Menzies

翻译:Nick Chan




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