The biochips are out of the equation for this new vaccine,because the Resistance Movement has removed the biochips which are stored in certain secret facilities.




Planet Earth is the centre of the proxy war between the light and the dark factions of the galaxy,and of course at this point all those extraterrestrial races are not showing themselves openly.




So,there are other forces in the Universe and many of them have their own agendas about this planet.Some of them are positive and some of them are negative.




Probably you all are aware that this planet is not the only planet with intelligent life because there are so many…




So much more was possible,much more was planned to be achieved,and certain things would have been been very much different right now if certain key people and certain other not-so key people would behave differently among the Lightworkers.




Some people are doing really,really,really,everything they can.They are very dedicated,but some people are…Actually I would say their personality flaws,their belief systems are coming in the way.


有些人真的,真的,真的,尽他们所能。他们非常专注,但是有些人 ...... 实际上我会说他们的人格缺陷,他们的信仰系统,正在阻碍他们


The future that is awaiting us is really wonderful.I mean,imagine all darkness being removed.Imagine all financial worries being removed.Imagine all illnesses being removed.




Imagine all those wonderful technologies being released.Imagine being able to travel throughout the Universe,and all options,all possibilities,endless possibilities will open for us.




For example,there is a quantum war taking place right now.I was not speaking about that before.I can release that right now.There is a war with quantum technologies and the Light Forces are winning.




This is a covert war,it is not an open war,and this war is taking place on the physical plane and it is taking place interdimensionally on higher planes with advanced technologies.




So this is the golden age we are all working for.This is something that is awaiting us at the end of this dark tunnel.




資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/zhuixindongtai/38914.html



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