You are in a time of profound energetic refinement.You are, more and more, further defining yourself while purifying and raising your vibration. As a part of this process, much will be coming up for you to examine.




This is simply an opportunity for you to assess what is coming up into your awareness. Is this a belief that was once true for you but you have evolved beyond? Does this match who you are today? Is this energy even yours? Is this an opportunity for healing? Is this an invitation for you to love and guide yourself from your latest level of attainment? Does this release leave room for greater self expression and expansion? What other gifts come from this experience?




More and more you are discovering your multidimensional abilities. This means you can feel and experience as a human, while loving and leading yourself as your own empowered guide. There is no need to deny one to focus on the other. You are capable of doing both. That is how remarkable you are! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan



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