I'd like to explore some topics relevant to the Covid-19 pandemic that's happening today,in a question-and-answer format,for quick release.




QWhat is the cause of the Covid-19 virus?





Archangel MichaelIt is important to realize,whether it is natural occurring(which is a curious remark,is it not?)or shall we say,laboratory created,that any virus that in fact becomes alive(because there are many that are simply dormant)is related to the infection or the poison of emotions and belief systems.That is what infects people and that is what kills people.(1)


大天使麥克 重要的是要意识到,这是否是自然发生的(这是一个奇怪的评论,不是吗?)或者我们应该说,实验室创造的,任何事实上变活的病毒(因为有许多病毒只是休眠的)都与感染或情感和信仰系统的毒害有关。这就是感染人的原因,也是杀死人的原因。( 1


The virus is not a punishment,nor was it chosen as being necessary for your evolution.The disease you are witnessing today represents the exposure and clearing of false,old,hidden,dense,and no longer valid energy(beliefs)based in duality and separation,energies that have been fed and kept alive for hundreds of thousands of years by the unenlightened consciousness of the majority.(2)


病毒不是一种惩罚,也不是为了你们的进化而选择的必需品。你们今天正在目睹的疾病代表着虚假的、陈旧的、隐藏的、密集的和不再有效的基于二元性和分离的能量 ( 信仰 ) 的暴露和清除,这些能量被大多数无知的意识灌输和保存了数十万年。 (2)


This virus is a product of the negative and fearful energies arising to be released and transformed.This virus and its impact upon the world are allowing humanity to recognize the presence of fear,of negative and misqualified energies,to recognize suffering and to begin to create positive shifts within their being.




So your balance and stability will assist your planet in this transition.You are in the midst of the changes.There is always discord and confusion when things begin to change.Human consciousness wants things to go back the way they were,to go back to"normal,"even if that"normal"was out of balance,unfair,harmful to others and to nature.


所以你们的平衡和稳定将在这个转变中帮助你们的星球。你正处于变化之中。当事情开始改变时,总会有不和谐和混乱。人类的意识希望事情回到原来的样子,回到 " 正常 " ,即使那个 " 正常 " 失去了平衡,不公平,对他人和自然有害。


You and many others are observing,as well as dismantling,layers and layers of dense beliefs and old energy that is stored in your very cells.We celebrate the work that you are doing.If you could see the energy of light that your collective consciousness is expressing you would be stunned and amazed.(3)


你和许多其他人正在观察,以及拆除,一层又一层的密集信仰和旧能量,它们储存在你们的每一个细胞中。我们赞扬你们所做的工作。如果你们能看到你们的集体意识所表达的光的能量,你们将会感到震惊和惊讶。 (3)


QWhat are the makers of the various viruses up to?





MatthewOnce again these dark ones are crying"Pandemic!"They failed to create that situation with SARS,avian flu and the first go-round of swine flu,and even their secondary purpose,to cause worldwide panic,did not materialize.(4)


马修:这些黑暗势力又一次哭喊着 " 流行病 !" 他们没有制造出 SARS 、禽流感和第一轮猪流感的局面,甚至他们制造全球恐慌的次要目的,也没有实现。 (4)


MatthewThis situation is like SARS,the much publicized virus last year,but with a new twist insofar as the talk of imposing martial law in the United States if patients there are diagnosed with the disease.Just as was SARS,this strain of flu came out of a laboratory by dark intent,and like SARS,this virus also has been neutralized by extraterrestrial technology.


马修: 这种情况就像去年被广泛宣传的 SARS 病毒一样,但是有一个新的转折,那就是如果美国的病人被诊断出患有这种疾病,就要在美国实施戒严令。就像非典型肺炎一样,这种流感病毒也是出于黑暗的目的从实验室中产生的,就像非典型肺炎一样,这种病毒也被外星技术中和了。


If you recall,worldwide media attention to SARS as a potential pandemic flared suddenly,before the outbreak of the disease in humans and the extensive protective measures in Asian countries and the flurry to make vaccine available.Then all of that just as quickly fizzled when cases did not materialize in large numbers.So it is with bird flu with scary reports such as,"Scientists fear the virus can mutate to affect humans and kill millions worldwide."


如果你还记得,在 SARS 在人类中爆发之前,在亚洲国家广泛采取保护措施之前,全世界的媒体都把 SARS 视为一种突然爆发的潜在流行病。然后,当案件没有大量出现时,所有这些都很快失败了。禽流感也是如此,有可怕的报道称, " 科学家担心这种病毒会发生变异,影响人类,在全世界杀死数百万人。 "


Creating a world in panic is one aims of the Illuminati,who are behind this new flu virus's initiation.Due to the superior technology of ET forces,those with a dark agenda have failed in their major terrorist attempts since"9/11,"so they are trying this biological fear tactic again.


创造一个恐慌的世界是光照派的目标之一,他们是这种新型流感病毒开始的幕后推手。由于外星人部队的先进技术,自 "9/11" 事件以来,那些有黑暗计划的恐怖分子的主要企图都失败了,所以他们再次尝试这种生物恐惧策略。


Yes,they do know that very likely for the same reason that SARS did not develop as they desired,neither will bird flu;however,by the additional threat of martial law with mandatory quarantines and inoculations,they are counting on sufficient fear-filled thought forms to allow the advertised disease symptoms to develop.


是的,他们确实知道,很可能出于同样的原因,非典没有如他们所希望的那样发展,禽流感也不会发展 ; 然而,由于戒严令带来的额外威胁,强制隔离和接种,他们指望充满恐惧的思想形式足以让所宣称的疾病症状发展。


Without light except the spark that is their souls'life force,the dark ones regard others as expendable,and their aim is to achieve a double victorya frightened populace demanding vaccinations,which have harmful ingredients,and justification for a police state starting in the US and extending globally.You have the power to deal them a double defeat by NOT feeling any fear whatsoever!(5)


他们的目标是取得双重胜利:惊恐的民众要求接种含有有害成分的疫苗,以及一个从美国开始并扩展到全球的警察国家的正当理由。你有能力给他们一个双重的失败,不感到任何恐惧! (5)




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