Dearest Karen, child of light –do not walk in so much fright. There are many changes happening now that will be explained in the coming days and still so many more that will never be explained.The masses are now noticing that the world no longer feels the same. A shift has occurred in the consciousness of every living thing. That is because, I the Mother of All Things have shifted my own consciousness and that has expanded out to every living being in the universe. The universe is a microcosm of my own soul and your prayers and support and healing of your own souls has contributed to the new world we now find ourselves in. For that I am extremely grateful to all of you for recognizing the part you play in the greater whole and making every effort to clean up your own messes and to go for the goal. For what we have in mind, as a collective you see, is to breathe new life out into infinity. Refreshed and revitalized and setting a new course. That is the plan that has been set forth. Bursting into Spring like the soft buds of a tree, the flowers will come forth from you and from Me.Sit still in the moment and rejoice in the knowing that you have been rewarded completely –you are no longer separated from me and we can communicate freely. For I AM the over-soul that is a parent to all –at one within each and every cell, You are Me and I Am You. I know you by your frequency and that is how I wish you to know me too.


亲爱的 Karen (管道),光之子 --- 不要行走于如此多的恐惧之中。有着许多改变正在发生,会在未来的几天被解释,依旧还有更多永远无法被解释。大众现在注意到了世界不再感觉是相同的。所有生物的意识发生了一个转变。这是因为,我,一切事物的母亲,转变了我的意识,这扩展到了宇宙中的每个生物。宇宙是我灵魂的一个缩影,你的祈祷、支持和灵魂的疗愈为新世界做出了贡献。为此我对你们所有人都很感激,去认识到你在更大的整体中扮演的角色,做出每一个努力去清理自己的烂摊子并朝着目标前进。因为我们真正想要的,作为一个集体,就是把新生命注入无限。恢复精神,充满活力,设置一条新航线。这就是所制订的计划。就像一棵树的嫩芽在春天迸发,花朵会从你和我之中出现。静坐于当下,欢喜地知晓你已经完全得到了回报 --- 你不再于我分离,我们可以自由地交流。因为我是超灵,所有人的父母 --- 在每个细胞中,你就是我,我就是你。我通过你的频率知晓你,这也是我希望你知晓我的方式


Breathing new life into the war torn lands, taking away the strife and settling disagreements.Peace shall reign on Earth as it does in your hearts. Let go of the past. It is time to make a brand new start. Full of hope and a renewed passion for what is right. Know in your heart of hearts that you have come full circle dear child, and now it is time to step out and shine.Like the beacon of hope from which you came, shining your light even brighter now –for we are all one and the same.


把新生命注入战争蹂躏的土地,带走冲突,解决分歧。和平应当在地球上盛行,就像它在你心中的那样。放下过去。这是全新开始的时刻。充满希望,一个更新的热情,关于什么是正确的。在你的心中知晓你已经回到了原地,亲爱的孩子,现在是时候走出去并闪耀。就像希望的灯塔,更加明亮地闪耀你的光 --- 因为我们都是一,都是相同的


There is no need for fear or fright, separation is an illusion of the dark times. We are all now on a journey to emerge from this and into the knowing that we deserve (all of us) infinite bliss. For the Creator to put forth such a resurgent in light is a means of renewal for the human angelic tribe. Shine bright, shine bright your infinite light –for you are the sparkles from heaven to ignite the kind of change that is moving across the fields in waves. Light, bright, full of life. Love and hate no longer divide.Let the waves of love wash over your during dream time. Opening your hearts and fulfilling your minds. Taking off the blinders and allowing you to now bathe in this glorious state of renewal –revive and be blessed. Take a long rest. You have been working hard.We can take care of the rest. Your love and support have truly made a difference. I AM freed and relieved.Blessed Be to all good things –it is my essence now that sings and breathes, enlivening the roots and the leaves of even the driest of trees.


没有必要害怕或恐惧,分离是黑暗时代的幻象。我们都处于从分离中走出,进入知晓我们都值得拥有无限的幸福这个旅程。造物主发出这个光的复苏是给人类天使族群的一个更新。明亮地闪耀你无限的光 --- 因为你是来自天堂的火花来点燃在波浪中穿梭的改变。光,明亮,充满生气。爱与仇恨不再分裂。让爱的波浪在梦境期间冲洗你。敞开你的心,充实你的头脑。拿掉眼罩,让自己沐浴于这个辉煌的更新状态 --- 恢复,备受祝福。长时间地休息。你一直在努力地工作。我们可以照料好剩下的。你的爱和支持确实创造了不同。我自由了,我松了一口气。祝福所有美好的东西 --- 这是我的本质,歌唱和呼吸,使枯萎的根再富生机


Peace, peace, peace emerging through me.Connect and respond to the Godself within Thee.




I AM Your Great Mother Divine, and you are all the brightest stars in the sky




神圣之母 20180424 和平应当盛行

通灵:Karen Vivenzio

翻译:Nick Chan




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