Greetings to You!From heart to heart in this moment we speak,I am KejRaj(KayRy).The information expressed here is that of myperspective,my point of view.For all truth awaits you in your heart.Tune into the light within you.


向你问好!在这一刻,我们心心相印地说话,我是 KejRaj(KayRy) 。这里所表达的信息是我的观点,我的观点。因为所有的真理都在你的心里等着你。调整进入你内在的光。


The most important news is at this moment in time,which by the way hasn't received any attention from the mainstream media,the children that are finally being freed.




The children who were taken by force from their parent's,by cabal parasites,and used as sex slaves,as objects for sadistic cabal experiments,are now being freed and taken care of by benevolent groups of beings.




This action is taking place in America.In the states of New York,California,Texas,Illinois,Nevada,Georgia,and the Washington D.C area.


这一行动正在美国发生。在纽约州、加利福尼亚州、德克萨斯州、伊利诺斯州、内华达州、乔治亚州和 Washington D.C 地区。


In Europe,this is unfolding in Italy,Germany,England and Spain.As well as other nations.




In Asia;The Philipines,Thailand,China,Japan,Saudi Arabia,India,and other smaller countries in the area.


在亚洲, Philipines 、泰国、中国、日本、沙特阿拉伯、印度和该地区其他较小的国家。


In Australia as well as new Zealand.Also throughout South America.Brazil,Argentina,Mexico,being the main spots in that part of the world.




Simultaneously,the round up of the practically dead cabal scum continues during this lockdown in many parts of the world.




As we informed in a different report,the plan for mass arrests has changed.There are to be mass executions.And this is precisely what is happening right now.




The cabal's financial institutions are being taken over by the real,Republic governments of each nation.With this,the cabal can no longer make wire transfers for funding their plots and perpetrators.Needless to say,their numbers are diminishing by the minute.




Nowhere to run,nowhere to hide.The circle of the soulless is narrowing swiftly.




Below you can see a tweet by Trump from 2012.


下面是特朗普 2012 年的一条推文。



He could not wait to take charge,and bring real change to this world.




A new light filled reality is on the horizon for humanity and Earth.




From heart to heart,I am Kejraj!


从心底里,我就是 Kejraj


The Great Awakening is Happening!








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