My beloved friend, I am Sananda and I hear right above you in my spaceship –New Jerusalem.The view from here is just extraordinary beautiful. All around your beautiful planet Gaia the light shines as millions of glittering stars.My wish is about to be fulfilled –my wish is that you will remember who you are and understand your fantastic greatness and divinity.




All of us who were your prophets and tried to share with you God’s wisdom through our messages in different languages and with different names for God –Angels and Ascended Masters we are here now.Of course we are united as one, since duality does not exist, neither here nor elsewhere. There is only one God, one Source and thus we have within Earth’s all different religions basically the same message that has been given to us from Mother God and Father God. The Source was the same and the message was the same. However, egotistic and power hungry forces twisted our message for their own purposes. Thus it gives us joy, all the former prophets and preachers that love and light is growing rapidly on Gaia now. The time is here when light and love regains it rightful place on Earth.Humanity will regain its power and its righteous place and authority over themselves and their lives. The time of slavery is over and peace, freedom and prosperity is entering with great force and speed.




It is with tears in my eyes from emotions when I see how you struggle with your work and everyday living, at the same time as you stand with one foot in different worlds.The empathy and love you now show each other to such a high degree speeds up the complete return of the light to your planet Gaia. The veils between you and us will soon no longer exist, as many of you are discovering. You then also understand that we are as you. All of us announcers who have been on Earth we wanted to bring our message without being put on a pedestal –since you are as we are. In your heart you have all that you need for an eternal life in truth and love –for a life in Paradise on Earth that you are now in the process of recreating within yourselves. Humans understand your GREATNESS.




I love you so much and follow you every second.Your beloved friend Sananda.





通灵:Kerstin Sisilla

翻译:Nick Chan



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