My dear friends, we love you so very much,


Breathe. Take a moment and imagine you can relax into the arms of the Divine and the arms of your angels. We are standing behind you now. Imagine you can lean back against us and feel our hands over your shoulders, wrapped around you and placed over your heart. Shut your eyes for a moment and simply breathe. Intend to receive. Whether you feel us or not, we are soothing your energy field, amplifying your light, and sending you a loving, comforting, and reassuring vibration. Do this any time you are in need of comfort or love. Rest for a moment now in our arms…

呼吸。腾出点时间,想象你在神和天使的怀抱中休息。我们就站在你的身后。想象你可以向后倾斜靠着我们,感到我们的双手从你的肩膀上方绕过去,抱住你(的脖子),手掌放在你的心上。闭上眼睛一会儿,只是呼吸。意图接收。无论你感到我们与否,我们在舒缓你的能量场,放大你的光,发送你一个有爱的、抚慰人心的、舒适的振动。在你需要安抚或爱的时候就可以这么做。现在,在我们的怀抱中休息一会儿 ...

All is in right order dear ones. In this moment, while the world is in chaos, you are being held in the arms of angels. We wish to remind and reassure you that there is always light, love, and guidance to draw upon. Even in the darkest times upon your planet – in plagues past, in wars, famine, etc., we have always been there to hold, help, heal, and guide. Those who strive to remain at peace and ask for our help have received miraculous guidance and grace. Those who did not, sadly forgot we were there for them, and ignored us.

一切都好,亲爱的。在这个时刻,虽然世界处于混乱中,你被抱在天使的怀抱中。我们希望提醒和安抚你 --- 总是有着光、爱、指引可以获取。即使在地球最黑暗的时刻 --- 在瘟疫、战争、饥荒等等中,我们总是在这里抱着你、帮助你、疗愈你、指引你。那些努力处于平和并请求我们帮助的人收到了不可思议的指引和恩典。那些没有在这么做的人,很遗憾,忘记了我们为他们存在,忽视了我们

Pay attention to your feelings these days. If something doesn’t feel right in the moment, it isn’t. If it feels fine it is. If you want to go to the grocery store but find yourself putting it off, then put it off until you feel motivated to go. In ways both obvious and subtle we are helping guide you to fulfill your intention of staying safe, healthy, and happy.


The power that creates universes loves you beyond anything you can ever imagine. The Source is supporting your joy, your prosperity, your well-being, and all your dreams at all times… Will you let this love in? Relax. Breathe. Receive. Whether your concerns are physical or financial, about relationships, or retirement accounts, we want to help. We love you. We care about you. We can guide you. Relax. Breathe. Receive. Allow us to assist. Open. Allow…

创造宇宙的力量爱你超过你可以想象的一切。源头时刻支持着你的喜悦、繁荣、幸福和你所有的梦想 ... 你会让这个爱进入吗?放松。呼吸。接收。无论你的担忧是物理上的还是财务上的,关于人际关系的,还是退休账目的,我们想要提供帮助。我们爱你。我们关心你。我们可以指引你。放松。呼吸。接收。让我们协助。敞开。允许 ....

If you could see it through our eyes, we see the fear, but we also see that there is a great wave of love and compassion that is building momentum and growing ever stronger. While current conditions look dire in your 3D reality, we also bear witness to a massive awakening of human consciousness. The vibration of the virus is already dying in many human hearts as people turn to faith vs. fear, cooperation vs. competition, and compassion.

如果你可以通过我们的眼睛看,我们看到恐惧,但我们也看到有着一个巨大的爱和同情心波浪在建立势头,越来越强大。虽然当前的情况在 3D 现实中看起来很糟糕,我们还看到人类意识的巨大觉醒。病毒的振动已经在许多人的心中死去,随着人们朝向信念 VS 恐惧,合作 VS 竞争,以及同情心

So how do you manage during this time of lock-downs, scary stories on the news, and no end in scientific sight?


You sink deeply into the present moment. You sit, breathe, and receive our love anytime you feel in need. In the present you find love. In the present you find peace. In the present you feel your feelings and thus perceive your guidance.


Dear ones, we are here with you. The Source is here. There is never a time when you are without help, healing, love, or guidance. Take the time – now that many of you have more time – to breathe, receive, and rest in the arms of love.

亲爱的,我们和你在一起。源头在这里。从未有过一个时刻你没有帮助、疗愈、爱或指引。花时间 --- 现在,你们许多人拥有更多的时间 --- 去呼吸、接收、在爱的怀抱中休息

God Bless You! We love you so very much.— The Angels

上帝保佑你!我们非常地爱你 --- 天使



通灵: Ann Albers

翻译: Nick Chan




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