I come on the wings of love! There are many people across the planet who are intensely experiencing the current world event as it continues to move in waves from one place to another. Everyone is being deeply challenged and affected at inner levels of their spirit as they observe what is occurring. It is a clarion call to each soul to make choice. Do they see ‘the writing on the wall’ that there is great change happening around them? Are they aligned with their soul and Creator in faith, love and hope? Or are they falling into fear and panic? Humanity is witnessing the dual nature of the people of their world play out on the world stage where all beings are witness to it and indeed, also the entirety of Creation.

我驾着爱的翅膀而来!世界各地的许多人正在强烈地体验当前的世界事件,随着它继续在波浪的形式中从一个地方移动到另一个地方。每个人受到深度的挑战,在他们内在的精神层面受到影响,随着他们看到正在发生的事情。这是一个感人的号召,让每个灵魂去做出选择。他们是否看到了“墙上的文字( the writing on the wall )” --- 他们周围发生着巨大的改变?他们在信念、爱与希望中与灵魂以及造物主对齐吗?还是他们在落入恐惧和恐慌?人类在见证他们世界的人民的二元性在世界舞台上上演,所有人都在见证,还有整体造物都在见证

Many people are responding to this challenge by drawing strength from the inner connection they have with the spiritual realms. They daily pray, align, and ask for guidance from their spiritual guides and angels - for they sense that they are living in extraordinary times and this sustains them in their daily existence. They walk in peace and calm in the storm that gathers around them. Their faith and demeanor help to lift the spirits of the people around them and in this way they daily anchor stability upon their world and their planet. They do not waste their time by pointing fingers at others as being responsible for this event. They are intelligent people and they know that this type of event has played out across their planet many, many times before throughout its history.

许多人通过从内在与精神领域的连接吸取力量来响应这个挑战。他们每天都祈祷,对齐,请求来自精神指导和天使的指引 --- 因为他们感到他们生活在非凡的时期,这支撑着他们的日常存在。他们在周遭的风暴中平静、平和地行走。他们的信念和举止会帮助提升周围人的精神,如此他们每天都在他们的世界和星球上锚定稳定性。他们不会通过对别人指指点点,要他们为这个事件负责来浪费自己的时间。他们是聪明人,他们知道这类事件在地球的历史上上演过很多次

They exercise prudence and use caution in whatever they do in their daily life. As they align with their higher God consciousness each day, they follow inner prompting and intuitive and instinctive guidance as it presents itself. In this way, they are always in the right place at the right time to safely navigate through their current situation. Those who have daily practiced illuminating their energetic fields by expressing their faith, love and gratitude feel the guidance that comes from spirit and act upon this directive. They stay in the safety of their Divine Self. When faced with the decision to stay or go, they surrender their egoic need to control and ‘let go and let God’ and decide that they are going to be O.K. where they are.


What is required of the people now is faith in a higher purpose and power, clarity of mind and compassion towards the people in those areas of the world that are in the throes of this event at the current moment. To know that even those who have not been directly affected have been changed forever within their souls. The effects of this event cannot help but to open people’s hearts, minds and souls to the glaring truth that they are all inter-connected and that what happens to one of them happens to all. Let them pour their love, strength, efforts and energy wherever it can do the most good for all. Let cooperation, sincerity and goodwill fill the collective consciousness with the higher virtues and qualities of the Divine.


I AM Lady Portia




通灵: Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译: Nick Chan





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