Greetings to You!From heart to heart in this moment we speak,I am KejRaj(KayRy).The information expressed here is that of myperspective,my point of view.For all truth awaits you in your heart.Tune into the light within you.


向你问好!此时此刻,我们心心相印地交谈着,我是 KejRaj(KayRy)。这里所表达的信息是我的观点,我的观点。因为所有的真理都在你的心里等着你。调整进入你内在的光。


There are many people who just can't wait for this virus hysteria to be over,so they can get back to their"normal"lives.When that happens,the question is how long is that normal life going to continue before more"interruptions"occur in the matrix?




The truth is things will never be the same in this world again.The interruptions in the matrix will continue until the 3D illusion has been completely dissolved.




With that statement above,it is not my intention to instill fear in the masses.This is just simple truth,straightforward.You can choose to accept it,and find peace within.You can choose to reject it,and remain in denial.However,only for a little while longer.




The 3D Earth Matrix is on a downward spiral to non-existence.




The dreams,or perhaps I should say the nightmares,are coming to an end.The nightmare of working forty hours a week,for forty years,to only get 40%of what you have earned when you retire.As normal as most may think that is,it isn't.




As infinite beings,as eternal souls of the Universe,we exist to be infinitely free.We exist to explore the Universe.We exist to evolve without man made obstacles.




The 3D Earth Matrix is on a downward spiral to non-existence.It is being deconstructed by the higher light entering our world at this time.




What is this 3D Matrix?




In simple terms;all the UNNATURAL things that have caused nothing but harm,chaos,and suffering to this world as a whole.




Think about that for a moment.




The humans,nature and Mother Earth herself have suffered for millennia.That ends now.




The artificial matrix construct is dissolving.Light,love,peace,and joy,this is the new reality on Mother Earth.




From heart to heart,I am Kejraj!


从心底里,我就是 Kejraj



資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/zhuixindongtai/37389.html





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