Beloved Friends; Brothers and sisters. I am Sananda who wants to cheer you up today. I want to remind you that you are ALL Light and Love. You are loved and you are perfect and perfect just as you are. Don’t be embarrassed when you temporarily sink into energy and become frustrated, angry or worried. It is understandable that after so many accumulated experiences in slow 3D energies, you have a hard time fully believing that that time is truly over forever.


亲爱的朋友们;兄弟姐妹们。我是萨南达,今天我想要来鼓舞你。我想要提醒你,你们都是爱与光。你被深爱着,你如你所是地完美。当你暂时陷入能量并变得沮丧、愤怒或担忧,不要感到内疚。这是可以理解的,在缓慢的 3D 能量中体验了如此多之后,你难以完全相信这样的时代真的永远结束了


Your everyday life is not yet as easy as you wish, sometimes you feel as if you are placed in a vacuum, a vacuum of waiting and in between joy and expectation for you know at the very end what is going on. A Higher I send those signals of joy and love into your hearts. Dare to Believe in the Truth Beloved Friends. Dare to Believe in the Truth of Your Greatness, Your Own Divinity. Dare to step into the Light with your beautiful planet Gaia.




As I walked on earth as Yeshua / Jesus, I also had moments of despair and anger that lowered my energies. Then I also asked for the forgiveness of the Father / Creator and then I can do my best again. Crisis is the development of my friends. We learn from our mistakes and can thus find new solutions and ways forward.


当我作为耶稣行走于地球,我也经历过降低能量的绝望和愤怒时刻。然后我也请求父亲 / 造物主的宽恕,然后我可以再次做得最好。危机是我和朋友们的发展。我们从错误中学习,因此可以找到新的解决方案和前进道路


If you were perfect, with only Light and Love in all your thoughts and actions, then you would not be able to be physically on earth. Understand that you, just you, are part of the important ground crew at Gaia! Be content with your very dear Friends and understand that you are doing what no one else has done before. Thanks to your hard work, the entire Iniversum is transformed at this moment. The invisible soon becomes visible and everything can only be better for you.




The transformation will exceed your most amazing expectations of my Friends. So stay out and seek contact with me or other Helpers here as often as you need. Also, trust the information you each now get into your Heart. You get all the knowledge about yourself, from your Higher Self and your own Guides.




I follow you, admire you and Love you all more than you can understand.




I Am Sananda!




通灵:Kerstin Sisilla

翻译:Nick Chan





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