The Portal of your Ascension is the initiation and baptism of Divine GLORY, that transforms your body and your consciousness, to that of your God Self, living your Divinity in form, as above, so below. YOUR Heaven on Earth.




On the mundane plane of existence, we are manifesting all we see as life, through our perceptions based on all of our beliefs and memories.




When a high enough percentage of those beliefs and memories lose their power over your waking consciousness, you then will go through the Portal of Transfiguration.




Begin by focusing on your inner awareness, feelings, beliefs and thoughts, that have occupied a place of power over you unconsciously, that you now consciously, desire to release, let go of and change forever.




Allow then, the hierarchy of your thought processes, to be that only of which, are in the Union with the Transfiguration of You.




You will know when you are doing this, as the edification of your Divine Presence, will make its Glory known to you.




The compass revealed is straightforward, master your thought processes, linking all of the feeling glimpses of your Divinity, as YOUR Highest Priority, into your new hierarchy of thought processes.




Even now, to herald in this Transfiguration as you read this, call upon your Heart to bring to your attention your old thought processes and emotions THAT no longer serve your Transfiguration~ readiness process.


即使现在,去通报这个转变,随着你阅读这些话语,呼唤你的心去将你的专注带到旧的思想进程和不再服务于你转变的情感 ~ 准备过程


This focus will beckon your Divine Glory and Presence to flow through you ~ CONSCIOUSLY ~ in all moments.


这个专注会召唤你神圣的辉煌和存在流经你 ~ 有意识地 ~ 时时刻刻


Succumbing to the lower vibrational pull of 3D Mass consciousness ~ drama is easy to do.


屈服于较低的振动会牵引 3D 集体意识 ~ 戏剧很容易做到


To consciously BE a MASTER of Form, we enter the realm of the Heroes in the Kingdom of God, of all Existence, and we enter this our being as our Divine Presence ~ flow.


有意识地去成为一个形态的大师,我们在神的王国中进入英雄的领域,我们作为神圣的存在进入 ~ 流动


This is the year of manifestation of the Glory of God on Earth. The Glory of The Divine ~ 2020 ~ LOVE Presence.


这是神的辉煌在地球上显化的一年。神圣的辉煌 ~2020~ 爱的存在


There is no time at the level of transfiguration.




To Ascend is to go Through this Portal.




Forever changed, the brave of HEART lead the way for all those that follow.




So this year and NOW as you prepare for your Glorification on Earth, as eternal Divine Beings, transformed into a new being through love ~ celebrate now. Flow through your heart.


就是这一年和现在,随着你为你在地球上的赞颂做准备,作为永恒神圣的存在,通过爱转变成一个新的存在 ~ 庆祝。流过你的心


We activate you and bless you NOW.




通灵:L’Aura Pleiadian

翻译:Nick Chan



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