The Archons are a race or a form of energy which „feeds“ on emotions. It is hardly imaginable but in the history of creation and earth there are many forms of energy and beings which have dominated humans. Many beings, which exercised power over humans, had thereby the control of certain regions and epochs.




This war, as it was called, led so far that these energies wanted to surpass each other. Which of the ruling beings can make man more submissive for his purposes? Many books, channeled information and other resources report that we humans have been manipulated by alien races. Our DNS/RNS and other elements were changed to such an extent that the divine connection could be reduced to a minimum.


这场战争,如它被称为的,进行了很久,这些能量想要胜过对方。哪一个支配的存在可以让人类更加顺从他的目的?许多的书本,通灵信息和其它的资源说道我们人类被外星种族操纵。我们的 DNS/RNS 和其它元素被改变来把神圣的连接减少到最低限度


The only thing they could not take away from us was the breath. Better put, the planetary breath, because it is eminently important for our existence. For this reason we can do a lot for ourselves and our well-being with the breath.




Let us come to the actual part of this contribution, which is accompanied by the spiritual world.




The manipulations of the human race have reached their peak a few years ago and have been decreasing in the last few years. It is no longer possible for extraterrestrial beings and forms of energy to manipulate and disturb us. The manipulation can happen in different ways. They influence people in our environment with the aim of attacking us or causing us problems to the extent that our energy or vibrations sink. They feed on the „negative“ low vibrating emotions, because that is what they are after.




If they lack the opportunity to feed on us, they will pull away and seek other possibilities in the universe. With us it has not been possible to do this since a few days. Isolated attacks were repelled and thrown back.




For an esoterically open-minded person this is something quite normal and will not worry anyone. For all others my statements sound like fairytales which cannot possibly be true. I invite you to look for a feeling in your heart. Ask yourself the following: „Is what I have read right?“ and feel into it whether you feel a positive feeling. If yes, then read on. If no, then I recommend that you stop.




The Archons energy has been escorted from our planet and they will soon be allowed to leave our solar system. They will look for another world and another race where they can play their games. Their long reign on earth is over and this will be a great liberation for us.




Finally calmer thoughts and the possibility of focusing. Children who are no longer psyched or hyperactive. Adults who are not out for manipulation, but for harmony, just to mention a few things.




Of course there will still be some skirmishes. This will pass. Look to America, because there the things will soon begin to happen that mankind has been waiting for for a long time.




The disintegration of an old guard has already begun and their power and control is diminishing day by day until they themselves will no longer be able to survive. We may rejoice in what will come. Enjoy the time, because we are allowed to….




The cosmic messenger pigeon


宇宙使者 pigeon


翻译:Nick Chan





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