JJK: What is the nightmare that I had today all about?


JJK: 我今天的噩梦有什么含义吗?


Dream: Little disgusting animals are floating in my freshly poured draft beer. I pour out the entire beer, but the animals pick themselves up and quite rapidly get bigger and bigger … I warn everyone around me about them and want to kill these monsters right away, but the other people want to wait. I am desperate because I am aware that soon these animals can’t be tamed anymore … because, having reached the size of small adults by now, they are already rearing and snarling right in front of us. Then I open my eyes, because I don’t want to see the end of it. (end of dream)




MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Those little animals in your beer were mind-parasites! Your dream shows how widely spread they are and that they are ingested with food.




Before you took a sip of beer, you noticed this and didn’t drink it, but rather poured it out on the lawn – causing these animals to get bigger and bigger. This shows how to deal with mind-parasites, and that one can get rid of them not by ignoring them but only by destroying them.




This is about the fact that people are internally dominated by these “worms” or “demons”. It is those people who consistently take in polluted or organically manipulated foods or liquids.




Mind-parasites that accumulate in the intestines and link into the nervous system are the biggest threat for the individual.




You have recognized these parasites and rejected them. Consequently you were presented with the whole extent of these demons, and how capable they are of surviving. This means that alertness is required of all of you whenever you are dealing with foreign energies, and that you should never underestimate certain dangers.




Humanity as a whole, but above all each individual, is still in a state of weakness because they don’t recognize certain dangers. Your dream demonstrates this well, because you are “the lone caller in the desert” while the other people believe that these entities will dissolve on their own or that they present no danger.








Determined action is necessary whenever doom needs to be averted. Some things that mean you harm can only be destroyed.




Persuasion or good intentions fall short in this case, because mind-parasites only have one goal: to enrich themselves with the energies of a second and third party and feed off the creative human nature.




The imagery of this dream is one that appeals to your attentiveness and the attentiveness of everyone who reads this.




This imagery invites you to act with determination and encourages you to speak the formula of destruction without hesitation. Decree and/or ask for their destruction. As soon as you are aware of these energy structures in your environment, dont hesitate for a moment to reject them mentally or to destroy them.




And finally, this imagery is a symbol of the current unconsciousness of many people. While people are hoping for a happy end, they are incapable of reacting adequately to dangers that get in the way of it.




Know this: There is nothing to negotiate about with certain energy forms, they need to be destroyed.




Include this course of action in your actions, and never forget that in God’s creation both the highest light and the deepest abysses exist – and never allow that these abysses open up in front of you.




Be aware of what is, realize what works, because not everything “is your beer” (meaning: It’s not your pigeon / not your problem).








圣哲曼 20171209 对付恶魔

通灵:Jahn J Kassl

翻译:Nick Chan





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